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sicilian1: MICHAEL JACKSON: A Tribute

 July, 6 2009 @7:00pm

  This post is definitely belated. Thoughts have been bouncing around in my head and emotions have been pulling me every which way since Michael died about a week ago. I just had to give Michael my own little tribute and I hope I do this wonderful man some justice, because though I never met him personally, he still meant alot to me and impacted my life in a joyful way ever since I was a little kid.

I LOOOOOOOOOVED Michael Jackson.

   I don’t know if I cribbed this from someone or if I patched it together from different commentators then assumed it for myself. But I’ve been saying it for a long time:

If you take Michael at the hieght of his fame (probably the Thriller/Bad era) and match him up against any celebrity in the history of the world at the hieght of that celebrity’s fame, NO one will ever even come close to comparing to Michael. When Michael was at the hieght of his fame NO one could ever even come within hailing distance of him. And that fact will stand for ALL time.

   I thank God for alot of things, but when I looked back at Michael’s life, I said a special thank you to the “Man” upstairs for allowing me not only to be alive during Michael’s life but for allowing  me to be born in that specific age bracket where I was able to experience the full capacity of the life and times of “The King of Pop”.

    I go back to the Jackson 5. As a little kid I had my 8-track cassette of the Jackson 5 that I’d take into my room and listen to for hours untill I wore the thing out. My mom bought me a Jackson 5 Christmas 8-track that we’d play every year untill the 8-track finally broke. I used to love Michael’s rendition of “Mommy kissing Santa Claus”, asking my mom if it was really true what Michael was singing.

    When “Off the Wall” came out I remembered how much I loved “Rock wit You” and still consider it my 2nd favorite  song of all time behind, “Billie Jean”. After I grew up I got back in touch w/the “Off the Wall” album and couldn’t believe how many timeless hits were on that record. (Don’t stop, She’s out of my life, Off the wall, etc.)

  Then Thriller came out and it changed the world. I still remember everyone with their red “Beat-It” jackets and studded “Billie Jean” glove. Who wasn’t trying to master the “moonwalk” in ’83? And all anyone wanted for Christmas was the Michael Thriller album. Then just when Thriller was losing steam, Michael performed “Billie Jean” and unvieled the “moonwalk” on the Motown 25 anniversary and suddenly an unstoppable wave of Michael mania swept the world. I’ll never forget going to school the next day and everybody talking about what they saw the night before. I didn’t know a girl, no matter the race or age, who wasn’t in love with Michael. For me, I never felt scared about admitting my unabashed love for Michael. Michael was never a guilty pleasure like Niel Diamond or Barry Manilow who you listen to when you’re alone in your car with the windows rolled up then quickly change the tape before you hit your block.

     The greatness of Thriller goes without saying and alot of people like to say that was Michael’s high-water mark. But for me, arguably, “Bad” may have been his best album. (Bad, The way you make me feel, Man in the Mirror, Dirty Diana, Another Part of Me, Leave Me Alone). Bad is where Michael started to express himself while answering and challenging his critics. Here we were introduced to a more edgy Michael; the defiance, crotch-grabbing, macho, trash-talking, screaming, etc. The beauty of all that was that Michael could express who he was (Bad), make a political and humane statement (Man in the Mirror) , show some machismo (The Way You Make Me Feel), talk-trash (Leave Me Alone), engage in existential inquiry of self (Another Part of Me) all while cementing his status as the “King of Pop”.

    “Bad” proved that he was more than just some sugar-coated, pre-packaged pop artist, singing cookie-cutter songs to a hip beat. Michael could touch the fans that were only listening for the entertainment value while at the same time sending a message to prove that he was not some robot but a person who had some deep insights and feelings.

    Michael showed how diverse he was as an artist on “Bad”. While “Thriller” was innovative with the Eddie Van Halen guitar solo on “Beat It’, the Vincent Price “Rap” on “Thriller” and the phatest beat bar none in the history of music with “Billie Jean”, (Tell me what person with blood flowing through their viens doesn’t get excited when the bass on “Billie Jean” kicks off?), it was still an album grounded in Michael’s R&B roots. But “Bad” crossed all genre’s. “Dirty Diana” was a straight rock song that any of the “hair bands” that were popular at the time could’ve put on their album and sold it with a straight face to their fans.

    My favorite song off “Bad” was “The Way You Make Me Feel”. This song was enhanced all the more by the video. To digress for a moment, it can not be understated what Michael meant to the visual medium of a pop artist. Michael melded song and video like never before or since. Michael made it a requirment to have a video to go along with a song. But it couldn’t be just some generic concert flick. With Michael as the innovator video’s became mini-movies where the message of the song’s words were conveyed through the story on  the screen.

    Getting back to, “The Way You Make Me Feel”. At the time there was the rumor and innuendo about Michael’s sexuality. Well, if anybody heard that song or saw that video they would know that it is an experssion of street, macho, misoginy at it’s best or if you prefer worst. Michael, like the best “macho” “thug” was saying to the girl in the video; ‘you’re hot, I want you and I got enough game to make you want this’. That’s how a true “player” would operate; no romance, no chivalry, just the attitude that he’s not going to get fooled by her coquettish ‘hard-to-get’ routine because even if she don’t know, he knows that she wants him, so, ‘what’s up?’ That video had me convinced that Michael liked girls.

     But Michael was still pumping out the hits with his next album, “Dangerous”. (Black or White, Remember the Time, In the Closet, Jam, Heal the World). Again Michael displayed his ability to deliver pop hits while expressing his inner thoughts and feelings and also including a message song or two. For relatively the same reasons I liked “The Way You Make Me Feel” from the “Bad” album, I loved, “In the Closet” from the “Dangerous” album.

    In this song and video Michael was doing his best  Joe Pesci from “Goodfella’s”, ‘so you think I’m funny how? imitation. The rumors about Michael’s sexuality persisted. So it was as if Michael was saying, ‘what, you think I’m gay?’, ‘are you sure you think I don’t like girls?’, ‘are you really sure about that?’

Well, Michael had something for all of us. He put Naomi Campbell in the video and proceeded to sex-her-up like nobody could. Michael had always sexed the female dancers he interacted with HARD. But he sexed-up Naomi SUPER-HARD. If anybody ever had any questions about Michael’s sexuality or if he liked girls, they were put to rest forever after that video. There is NO way Michael could’ve sexed Naomi up the way he did if he didn’t like girls. After seeing that I would’ve never wanted my woman around Michael because that video was evidence that if Michael REALLY wanted to, he could take anybody’s woman.

   Michael put out hits as long as he put out records. On his last record he had the hit, “You Rock My World”. That song was hot in 2001, it ‘s hot today, it would’ve been hot in ’82 and it will be hot 100 years from now. Who thinks that if Michael put out another album he wouldn’t have had another hit?

   Michael was the consumate “pop” artist. Not only did he tanscend races but he transcended cultures, ages, sexes, nations, and taste. As far as that last point, it didn’t matter if you were a rock-n-roll guy, an R&B guy, a Hip-Hopper, a headbanger, liked the hair-bands, dance hall, it didn’t matter. Michael’s core audience was the world. Everybody liked Michael and they didn’t have to be embarrassed about saying so.

    Somebody said to me that, ‘the moonwalk was nothing knew’, because they saw Sammy Davis, Jr. do it. Maybe Michael did crib it from Sammy. Maybe he cribbed from James Brown, Elvis, Stevie Wonder, The Beattles and who knows who else. But who cares? And you know why? Because NOBODY ever put it all together like Michael and NOBODY ever did it better than him. That is a fact. And what also is a fact is that NOBODY ever will. Having lived through the Michael experience, I can truthfully say that none of these psuedo R&B boy bands or solo artisis impress me in the least with all they faux dance moves that are nothing but straight inferior plagerized moves from Michael. Michael laid it all down for all time. Nowadays an artist thinks that the more acrobatics they do the better dancer it makes them. But Michael had moves, real Fred Astaire dance moves.

     And don’t ever take anything away from Michael’s singing chops. While Michael always possessed a soulful voice that in his younger days was bigger than his age, for me as he got older his voice became the definition of silky smoothness. What other singer ever made the transition from child, to teenager, to young man to adult while being bold enough to change vocal styles and still maintain a relevant and beautiful sound, tone, interpretation and meaning through each progressing stage.

     Knowing the tough life Michael had, it saddened me that a man who brought so much joy to so many had so much pain and what I percieved to be demons gnawing at his soul. The only time Michael seemed to be at peace was when he was on stage performing for his fans. He was such an unbelievable entertainer that not only did he get intrinsic value from performing but the intrinsic value he gave to his fans gladdened him all the more.

  I remember Michael’s 30th anniversary performance at MSG in 2001 when at the end of the show Chris Tucker came out and did Michael’s signature leg kick, as he was known to do. They interacted for several seconds then Michael put his hands on Chris’ shoulders and eventually fell to the stage in laughter over Tucker’s antics. That image probably made the most impact on me. It showed the humanity of Michael and caught him having fun just like any old normal person.

    I thank Michael from the absolute bottom of my heart for sharing his life with the world and bringing so much happiness to so many just by doing what came naturally to him. He was a great human being and I pray that his soul eternally rests in peace.


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sicilian1: Obama, One Down, Two To Go.

   The cap-and-trade legislation was introduced on Thursday June 25th, 2009 and voted on and passed on Friday June 26th, 2009. One day, that’s how long it took for the government to make it’s biggest grab of the economy in the history of this country’s exsistence (Forget about the bailouts, they pale in comparison to this) and to take away more of the liberties of it’s citizens than ever before. Know this for a fact, once the particular’s of this legislation are implemented the lives of every American citizen will never be the same.

     This cap-and-trade legislation was a bill 1,201 pages in length introduced one day and then voted on the next. The only congressmen who probably read it were it’s raging progressive author’s Rep. Waxman (D-CA) and Rep. Markey (D-MA). How inconscionable is it for any politician, no matter how good the bill may be, to vote in the affirmative of a piece of legislation they have never even had the chance to read. These representitives are voted on by the citizens of this great nation to repesent the citizenry and protect the best interests of those they represent. The founding Father’s set up a system where there was suppossed to be a rich round of debate where ideas were given the chance to be explicated, where the affects of certain laws and legislation were suppossed to be disected to shed light onto how they would effect the people, where these laws and legislation would be ammended to ensure the interests of the people were served untill they were voted upon. Now I ask, how could any of those principles be honored when a 1,201 page bill gets voted into law a day after it’s introduction.

   As I said the only people who probably know what’s in the bill are the minions of Waxman and Markey who wrote it. Now what do the partisian progressives in the house who voted in the affirmative really care about what’s in the bill as long as they’ve been assured that the progressive, government power-grabbing adgenda that will serve the will of their great messiah Obama has been met. These hacks do not care about serving the citizens who voted them into office, their only purpose is to do the bidding of the thug Obama and vote his party and government as much power as possible.

     Nobody really even knows what’s in the bill but in a nutshell cap-and-trade works something like this; corporations get a cap put on how much green-house gases they emit and they are taxed to the hilt. Obviously as the corporations taxes to the government rise, they pass on the cost on to the consumer. So get ready to pull out the blankets because energy costs for every American are about to go through the roof. The “trade” part comes into play when these corporations start trading the energy rations handed out by the government back and forth. Oh yes, the great protector of the people our one and only annointed one has just created another boon-doggle for corporate America.

   Now the real little trick is this; because the government is going to tax the ‘you-know-what’ out of fossil-fuels, they will in turn make wind and solar “seem” cost efficent. The fact of reality is that gas, oil and coal are the most cost effective forms of energy. The simple reason is that they do NOT have to be harnessed. You just drill or mine for them then burn them. On the other hand wind and solar have to be harnessed and the ability to harness them is very inconsistent. That is why they have never replaced fossil fuels. Don’t even mention the “evil” that is nuclear energy, bring that up and you’ll be demonized by the progressive crowd as some sort of abomination willing to endanger mankind and future generations. Absolutely no intelligent discussion can ever be had about nuclear energy because the knee-jerk, emotional midgets in the progressive crowd will shout you down. But the dirty little secret is that nuclear energy is incredibly safe and even more cost effective (Ask our socialist hero’s the French). The progressive power brokers know this but they don’t want a discussion on nuclear energy because they know it’s not the same tax-control mechanism as are the other inefficient forms of enviromentally friendly energy. So they mobilize their radical minions to diseminate the “scare-danger” rhetoric about nuclear energy to the ignorant masses and in turn successfully put to death all legitimate talk about using nuclear energy as an alternative.

    So this new cap-and-trade legislation accomplishes the task of raising the cost of using fossil fuels through the roof allowing the progressives to then claim that all of a sudden wind and solar are more cost effective. And they in fact will be but only after the progressives have destroyed the fossil fuel industry with excessive taxation. But the consumer trying to heat his home isn’t going to see anything happen but his energy bills rise. So the uninformed, ignorant in the masses who looks to his political leaders for guidance is only going to be left confused looking at his exhorbitant energy bill while the arrogant politician tells him that wind and solar are in fact lowering his energy costs.

      But what is most outrageous about this new cap-and-trade bill was the way it was rammed through the house by Obama’s thugs in the democratic party. What happened to Barrack “‘Transparency will be my middle name” Obama? The website that this bold-faced liar was suppossed to set up, available for all to view pending legislation is still just another one of the great one’s unfullfilled promises. Even if they did have the site set up, the way Obama’s heavies rammed through the legislation in one day I find it improbable that anyone would have been able to review the 1,201 page bill anyway. Obama is insulting, his empty promises on the campaign trail show just how arrogant and dismissive of the American people this elitist is.

   How arrogant is this man that he thinks it his right to strongarm such important, game-changing legislation through the congress in one day before ANYBODY in congress can even read it to discuss it and also to allow the American public to even have the chance to become aware of it so they can debate it and think about it so they can contact their congressmen to tell them how they want them to vote. That’s how the founding Father’s set it all up to work. But when you’re the grand majestic messiah I guess you set your own rules.

   This was just round one. Round two will be healthcare reform. A step to socialized medicine is not the direction this country should head. Any informed citizen who has heard the horror stories of socialized medicine in other countries knows what in store once America implements a universal program. Anyone who’s not an illegal alien doesn’t want it. Anyone who’s not brainwashed by the progressives who wrap universal healthcare in some kind of psuedo higher form of moral responsibility doesn’t want it. Anyone who’s not brainwashed into assuming guilt for their own suppossed “privledge” doesn’t want it.

    A good sign is that Obama is losing the debate on Capitol Hill. Any time he initiates a road show or starts with the infomercial’s you know he’s feeling the heat. But don’t fear, I fully expect Obama to use his cult-of-personality to brainwash the ignorants into feeling guilt for not wanting to make sure everyone gets free coverage. Get ready for every exaggerated sob-story out there and some that will be fully fabricated, get ready for Obama to exude his fiegned compassion every time he wraps his arm around some poor soul’s shoulder, get ready for Obama to tug at your heart strings and make you feel as if it is your moral obligation to ensure free health care for every American and illegal alien who wanders over the border.

    But, also get ready for longer waits, rationed care, and an older generation that gets put out to pasture by some government burreaucrat who deems certain procrdures to be too cost ineffective. All you ignorants who are brainwashed into wringing your hands that it is everyone’s right to free healthcare better get ready to wring your hands when your elderly self or loved one gets sentenced to death by Obama’s universal health czar who decides that someone younger needs the procedure instead.

   But the biggest exposure of hypocrisy will be when you find out that Obama and all the politicians who voted  for universal healthcare do NOT enroll in the same plans as all you commoners in the masses. See if this vapid, self-absorbed maniac who’ll be out there twisting every question he gets asked on his road show to somehow relate it to a circumstance in his own life, will relate to you by making available to you the same care available to this man of extreme compassion when you get deathly sick.

    But after all that, if you’ve still got any fight left get ready for the greatest travesty when Obama and his punks ram through amnesty legislation. Understand this; when Obama says that all the newly legalized illegal’s will have to take their place in line behind everbody else he is telling his BIGGEST LIE EVER. That rhetoric sounds good, appealing and fair. BUT even if Obama wanted it to be true it could NOT be. When he is talking amnesty for illegals he is only talking about hispanics and in truth they’re the only ones that matter. Other illegals from other demographics do not count because there numbers are infintesimal. Here’s the dirty little secrt our devious president does not tell anyone. Hispanics are defined as an “Historically disadvantaged” minority subject to availability for ALL the affirmative action programs out there. As soon as this illegal alien demographic is legalized, by subject of the affirmative action laws they IMMEDIATELY JUMP to the FRONT of the line. That becomes their legal right. With one feld swoop of a vote the demographics of this country will change FOREVER. And before I get labeled a racsist, understand this all you African-Americans out there, your availability to affirmative action (Which I believe is legitimate and that the African-American is the ONLY demographic that should have the availability to affirmative action) becomes significantly diminished because the sheer numbers of the Hispanics  will increase to an unbelievable degree.

     That is the real danger. Because once these illegals are given amnesty, don’t think they’re going to start filling up all the civil sevice quota’s, no, they’re going to start filling up all the government assistance, government giveaway quota’s. You think they’re a drain on the economy now? Wait untill the taxpayer is picking up the assistance tab for all these new American citizens.

     But the American public keeps their blinders on, lets this charlatan game them with his cult-of-personality and continues to shoulder the guilt heaped upon them by all the moralist finger waggers out there. They keep letting that happen and they’re not even going to know where they’re living.

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sicilian1: The Problem of Evil

    For the atheist the simple answer is that there can be no God because evil exists and that a perfect God would not create a world where the capacity for evil is allowed. That’s always the atheists “gotcha question.” But by making that generic argument the atheist is only scratching the surface. Which is not at all surprising because although the atheist always seems to think it is themselves to be the deep thinkers refusing to wrap their minds around such “infantile” and “constraining” thoughts as the concept of a “God” and that “ridiculous” thing called “faith”, it is actually the believer (at least a deist) who has examined the subject, wrestled with the evidence, reconciled and clearly constructed the available facts, accepted the truths bitter as they may be to swallow and persevered through it all to live by guiding principles of a God and a faith, who in fact is actually the deeper thinker.

     Is there evil in the world? Yes, absolutely, too much of it in fact. But once again upon further examination evil is in fact further proof of God’s existence. First off, evil lends credence to the spiritual nature of man. All other species kill only for food and survival. Man is the only species that kills indiscriminately and for purely emotional reasons. Only man has the real choice to commit evil acts such as murder. Whether right or wrong, justifiable or not, backed into a corner, man always has a choice to make. Every other species kills or commits “wrong” exclusively on instinct and for their survival. That man has a choice, the ability to reason proves that man has a conscience or spirit. The duality of mind and matter is not present in any other species.

   The conscience, spirit, feedom of choice leads one to the cliche’d concept of free will. Many people consider this to be a “yada-yada” argument and dismiss it without examination. But sorry to inform the atheist, it is fundamental to God’s purpose. This concept answers the question of why a perfect God would allow evil.

   The premise is that of a creator God who  created man. Now whether one believes in the karma of an afterlife or karma in this earthly life there can be no such concept if man does not have the freedom to choose between good or evil. If we as humans had no choice then we would only be robots and the concept of karma could never play a role in our decisions. If God made it so humans only had the option to choose between degree’s of goodness then that would only lead to the logical evolution that the lesser degree’s of goodness would become badness. What reasonable option would it be to only choose from degree’s of goodness. How ridiculous would it sound as humans weighed the options between being ‘really all out good’ or just ‘a little bit’ good. If one didn’t choose the option of extreme goodness than everything else would be evil.

    If humans didn’t have the option to choose then there could be no real good and there could be no real meaning to life. I myself want the option to choose. I myself invite the struggle against the forces of evil because it makes life that much more meaningful. Maybe it never was God’s intention to make this world perfect and that is not proof of His non-existence but in fact stronger proof of His existence. If the atheist want perfection then a good suggestion would be for them to live moral lives because then they can probably experience some form of perfection in this life and if there is an afterlife, in that life too.

   Why does God create evil? because if God created a perfect world that was completely moral and without sin then the concept of free will would be null and void which would not only make the strive for perfection in an afterlife for those who believe in that meaningless but also would make this life completely meaningless. God gives everyone the choice between right or wrongs, good or bad, love or hate, acceptance or rejection. If humans didn’t have those options then they could never really experience all the positives of life. The existence of all the negatives inherant in the world is what makes the positives available. How could one know, love and accept God, anyone or anything if they didn’t have the option to deny them? And that goes for all our interpersonal and societal relationships. When atheists reject God because of their insistence on freedom to do as they please they don’t understand that that freedom was given to them by God through free will.

    The personal pain and suffering of humans is another favorite argument of the atheists to prove God doesn’t exist. But what kind of humans would we be without obstacles to overcome or crisis’ to deal with? God doesn’t want weak and untested people. Our tests of faith are the greatest struggles we will ever encounter. The triumph over obstacles builds character and makes us stronger more principled human beinfs. It is during times of trouble when we discover things about ourselves and ultimately determines who we are. Those that can persevere through times of trouble and still maintain their faith in God or at least humanity have made themselves more principled human beings.

    Life is not meant to be easy. None of us live in a bubble ,everything we do and that that others do causes a chain reaction that impacts all our lives. All the trials and tribulations, both good and bad, activated by those chain reaction set off by each individual action is what makes life life and how we respond determines our ultimate fate.

     Those evil doers though sometimes seemingly getting over with their sins, will ultimately pay some kind of karmic price, whether here on earth, in a life hereafter, or with a legacy of sin and destruction for those they care about to clean up.

   I hate to say it but there is evil and corruption in the world, life is not always fair but that isn’t an excuse to compromise one’s own principles, let their faith in God and their fellow man crumble, or even to deny the bitter truths of life. God allows evil to exist by giving all humans who perpetrate it the free will to do so because it is that free will that allows humans to decide whether or not to live by God’s way ;which is for the good of mankind, so that if they decide to do God’s will they’ll be rewarded in the life hereafter or in this life through peace of mind in knowing they are living righteously. Ultimately the decision is each individual own.

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sicilian1: Hey “Whitey”!! No Kidding, Halle Berry’s Beautiful.

    I hate racsism of all types whether it’s neo-nazi, KKK, whie supremiscist or black power hate “whitey” types, anti-Semites, Muslim fanatics, Christian Bible thumpers, etc., etc., etc. But the group for which I have ABSOLUTELY no use  is the “white-guilt” crowd. Their disengenuiness is beyond nauseating.

    You know the type, they sit there patting themselves on the back while they tell all their other uppity friends how beautiful they think Halle Berry is or what a great actor “that” Denzel Washington is. They think just by making those obvious statements that it absolves them of all there instinctual racsist feelings. It’s as if they searching for “Brownie points” on the way to Heavan. As if when they die and get to Heavan to meet their maker and He goes down the litany of their racial and xenophobic transgressions, they’ll just say, “well I tought Halle Berry was beautiful and that Denzel Washington was a great actor” and that will make everything ok.

    They think when they make those two statements that everyone in their crowd believes they’re really not a racsist. Then all the other “lily” white uppities nod in agreement and everybody feels so “good” about themselves that they can skip their dose of Prozac for the day. Just saying it then agreeing with it is only a self-congratulatory gesture so they can point to a moral superiority.

   Ya right, see if their son came home with the actual Halle Berry and see how hard they’d be trying to convince all their friends that she was an Italian. See if there daughter came home with the real Denzel Washington and see how fast they’d straight out slit their wrists.

     These people make me sick. They’re ussually privledged white people who have gone to exclusive schools and lived in gated communities. They’ve lived that stereotypical “corny” white exsistence. They wouldn’t “know what time it was” if you told them. They’re the type that gasp when they hear “curses”, cross the street to avoid blacks and lock their car doors in bad nieghborhoods. They’re the type who jump at the sound “boo”, stifle their kids so much that they turn them into drug addicts, can’t get through life without an assortment of psych-tropic drugs and are ussually allergic to dogs. Y’know the type that won’t go swimming untill their food fully digests, think a good time is hitting the karaoke bar and wouldn’t use a public restroom if you paid them.

     The only black person they know is the “guy” at work who’s SOOOO funny. They could really care the least about black people. You couldn’t bribe them with anything to invite that black guy at work to a social function. These types want to avoid any and all interaction with blacks except to talk about how sorry they feel for black people and cry the woe-be-me song about how ashamed they are for all they’ve been given.

     They ussually impart these feelings in their liberal minded daughters who think they themselves are getting “brownie points” to Heavan by volunteering their time to some inner city cause. Oh, how good it makes these white-girls feel when they go back to college and tell all their sorority sisters how enriching it was to help out in the “ghetto”. But let one of these black guys respond to the over friendliness of the white girl and she’ll cry “rape” in a heart beat. Or the other one is the “liberal” white girl who catches a little “jungle-fever” while volunteering in the “ghetto” over the summer and her freinds or family find out about the “liason”, oh man, you bet your life that white girl’s crying “rape”

     The “white-guilt” crowd wants nothing to do with black people on a personal level. NOTHING, they can’t fool me. They only want to get on their soap-box and pontificate about how guilty they feel for their “whiteness”, how their “whiteness” will always be a cross of shame, how at every turn they want to admit the unfairness of their “white” privledge. They want to make everyone believe that this is an injustice they will spend their life in sevice of correcting. They think best way to assuage that guilt is to apologize ad-nauseum. If only they accept responsibility for the sins of their “whiteness” and all the evil “whiteness” in general has done to the “People of Color” then the world will be a better place.

      In reality these “white-guilters” have nothing more than a guilty conscience because they know in their heart-of-hearts that no matter how beautiful Halle Berry is or what a great actor Denzel Washington is, they would NEVER is a zillion years want that blackness “polutting” their “lily” white family tree. They think by accepting guilt and outwardly assigning guilt to everyone else absolves them of how they really feel.

     These “white-guilters” are the biggest hypocrites in the world and the next time their patronizing you real black people by acknowledging the sins of the white man then adding their little comments about Halle Berry’s beauty and Denzel Washington’s acting ability, stop these hypocrites in there tracks by asking them if they want those two black people to marry their kids. See how they stutter on that question.

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sicilian1: Hey, People of Color, Do you even know what you mean?

    There’s been something that’s been sticking in my “craw” for a long time. It was something FOX news pundit Juan Williams said immediately after Obama gave his first “State of the Union” address and before Bobby Jindal gave the Republican rebutall.

     Breathlessly (As it must always be with this statement) Juan Williams said something to the effect:

                               “What a great night for America when two PEOPLE OF COLOR represent their respective parties”

    I have no quarrell with judging the night to be a “great”  night in consideration of the background of the two men. I also have ABSOLUTELY no quarrell with Juan Williams who I find to be an extremely fair and thoughtful commentator and have felt that way since I became aware of him all the way back to when he was on CNN and hosting “Crossfire”.

    My problem is with the “People of Color” statement. I have a problem with that statement no matter who utters it AND especially when white people utter it in “defense” of “People of Color”. I really want to know what is meant by those who utter the statement, what are they trying to imply, to whom are they addressing the statement, what people do they REALLY mean to include in that label, are they reaching their intended audience, do they care how that statement is percieved, do they care which people identify with that statement, do they care which people feel themselves to be included in that statement, do they care if or intend to cause confusion with that statement, do they have a secret agenda, do they even know what they REALLY mean by the statement?

    I do not feel that many people who use that term have any ulterior motives. It’s just a term that has become so common that I feel most just use it as a throwaway term without any idea the significance of what the term means or implies.

DISCLAIMER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

    Obviously as my tag-line implies I am a caucasian of European (Sicilian) ancestry. My wife is a Black-American woman. She is not from the suburbs. She is not a woman trying to run away from her Black identity by marrying a white-guy to become an “uppity” black. If that’s what she wanted then I was the wrong guy for her because my background is your stereotypical Italian background, not some “Lilly white”, sheltered background. That does NOT mean I came from the “Ghetto”, it only means that I was NOT raised with “blinders” on, I did NOT have some kind of “watered-down” upbringing, I saw alot of REAL things and I knew what was expected from me with my heritage. Me and my wife have been together for many years and have several children together. That obviously would make our kids mulatto’s.

    I say all this because I DO NOT want anybody to accuse me of being a racsist. What I’m about to say has validity and I’m coming from a unique perspective. Me and my wife did NOT meet on a college campus where we  think  we’re some kind of “enlightened” thinkers who are the “smartest” people in the room. What I’m talking is REAL people talk. Black people are a part of my family, they are my children so I obviously do NOT want to “KEEP the black man down.”

    Many will not like what I’m going to say. If you have criticism keep it intelligent. Statements that are accusatory or out right rude will not be taken seriously.

Back to the topic.

      In all the years I’ve known my wife and her family and friends some of whom are my own personal friends whom I’ve had close relationships with, I have NEVER once heard any of them refer to themselves as “People of Color”. During my federal prison sentence I was obviously around alot of black guys and I NEVER once heard any of them refer to themselves as “People of Color”. I have asked my wife, some in her family, my friends and many black guys in prison if they consider themselves to be “People of Color” and NOT ONE has ever answered in the affirmative. 99% have always said they consider themselves black.

    Lets analyze the “People of Color” term and try to figure out  what is exactly meant by that. Taken strictly literally the phrase  presents all kinds of problens. Who exactly is a “Person of Color”? Well, my dad is 100% Sicilian, he has the stereotypical Italian features, I can not count the times people have told me, “How Italian looking your dad is”. Now, my dad himself is completely unaware of the impression his appearance makes on other people. My dad doesn’t know “how Italian looking he is”, he is just a person trying to live a life.

      However there is no mistaken that my dad is a VERY “dark” Italian, it is easy to see that he is darker than many people who label themselves “People of Color”. In the summer after a good tan, fugghedaboudit!!! Does my dad’s skin color make him a “Person of Color”? Because taken literally my dad is unquestionably a “Person of Color”. The brown shade of his skin won’t let anyone draw any other conclusion.

     But here’s where we get into the controversy! I’m going to take off my “Mickey-the-Dunce” cap now. We all REALLY know what the term “People of Color” is meant by those who spew it. They mean mainly anyone “Black” or Hispanic and also when the climate favors them anybody else who is NOT “WHITE”.

    So the fact that my dad has European ancestry no matter how “Dark” he is means the “People of Color” crowd don’t want him in their fraternity. OK, that’s fine, my dad’s skin tones can’t erase his European heritage therefore he is not allowed admitance into the “People of Color” club. I’m completely fine with that. BUT if the “People with Color” won’t let my dad in then they can’t have Bobby Jindal either.

     See, what I have just done is establish that “People of Color” is NOT meant to be taken literally because if it was then my brown-skinned Sicilian-American dad would have to be accepted as part of the “People of Color” crowd. But ask anyone that is fond of throwing around the “People of Color” phrase and I guarantee they will ADAMANTLY refuse to include my dad in their “club” because of his European ancestry which technically classifies him as a Caucasian.

    So now that we’ve eliminated the literal meaning of “People of Color” lets talk about the racial meanings. If you mean “People of Color” to mean races that are NOT “White” (I must put  “WHITE”  in quotations because as you can see people that are “white” (caucasian) can most definitely be people with brown-skin (Color)) then you can NOT include Bobby Jindal in your “People of Color” crowd.

     Boby Jindal is an Indian (Hindu) and you can ask any anthropologist/geneticist and they will tell you that the ancestors of Bobby Jindal are classified as Indo-Europeans. These people include ALL Europeans, Slavs, Scandanavians, Saxons, Nords, Gauls, Meditteraneans, Germanics, Gaelics, Persians and Indians. That’s right Persian (Iranians) did NOT have a Semetic progenitor. Likewise the progenitor of the Indian peoples was common with that of the European peoples. The Persians and Indians then mixed with people from the Semetic races which probably accounts for what the “People of Color” crowd would claim to be the Persians and Indians “Color”. So if the Semetic blood mixed with the Caucasian blood is what makes Bobby Jindal a “Person of Color”  to the “People of Color” crowd then that means that crowd would have to include ALL Semites. That’s right “People of Color”, Jews too! Now I can understand their argument for NOT including those of the Mongoloid race, dishonest as it may be considering genetically/anthropologically  speaking this race is related to the (Fiegned horror) the Negriod race, but if you want Bobby Jindal, and your basing the “Color” argument on the mix of Semetic blood because your obviously not basing it on the mix of Indo-European (Caucasian) blood because then you would have to include “brown-skinned” Caucasians (which (Fiegned horror) could NEVER account for the “Color”) then as was said you must include ALL semites because now we’re talking race and NOT “Color”.

NOTE: I’m only conceding this supposition that it must be the Semetic ‘Blood” causing the “Color” because in the dishonest minds of the “People of Color” crowd the Causion “Blood” could never account for it. Truth be told it may in fact be the Caucasion “blood” causing the “Color” because the dominant Caucasion “Type” is NOT the blond-haired, blue-eyed, fair-skinned steroetype but rather the darker-haired, darker-skinned Meditteranean “Look”. The evidence suggest that the Semetic mixture in the Indians bloodlines may not even be that strong. Repeated genetic studies have established the Indian peoples closets similarities are with those of Western Eupropeans (Caucasians). There is also some studies that suggest some similarities between Indians and East Asians.

    This begs the question who is responsible for Bobby Jindal’s “Color”? Since it is indisputable that Indians share genetic similarities with Europeans, are part of the Indo-European genetic classification and most likely came from a Caucasion progenitor, could it be (Fiegned outrage: Oh, the horror) his “Color” comes somewhere from his Caucasion “blood”.

   Because the genetic truth (Look it up “People of Color” crowd) is that the Caucasion race is the MOST  variable in terms of skin color. I feel ABSOLUELY comfortable in saying that skin-color is as much determined by CLIMATE as it is by the inherited melanin is ones genes.

     Remember, I took off my “Mickey-the-Dunce” cap. We know those who spew the “People of Color” nonsense are really talking about “Blacks” and Hispanics. But they try to mask what they REALLY mean in some kind of superior intellectual, humane, moral, justifiable and equitable consciousness.It’s nothing more than an unspoken threat to anyone who may point out their hypocracy that any attempt to do so will be shouted down with racists accusations.

    So if the “People of Color” crowd don’t literally mean color and don’t literally mean race then what do they mean? They’ll try to tell you that “People of Color” means anyone not of the “White” (Caucasian I guess?) race who has oppressed, discriminated, prejudiced and committed any other number of transgressions against the “black” and “brown” skinned peoples of the world (Whoever they’re suppossed to be). Well if you mean anyone who’s NOT Caucasian, be very careful because then you have to include the Semetic and Mongoloid races.

    Anthropologists classify the races in basically four (4) categories: Caucasian, Negroid, Semetic and Mongoloid. So if “People of Color” is anyone not of the Caucasian race (As the labeling of Bobby Jindal as a “Person of Color”,  because of suspected Semetic blood, would suggest) then that means the Semites and Mogoloids as well as the Negroids would ALL be “People of Color”. And is that REALLY what you want, leaders of the “People of Color” crowd? Because if you do you not only have to protest and file law suits on behalf of the “mistreatment” of “blacks” and hispanic’s. BUT ALSO for ALL the Asians and Semites which include Jews and Arabs  too.

    Are you sure that’s REALLY what you mean? Are you “Blacks” and Hispanics REALLY going to be quiet when “whitey” starts filling quota’s and affirmative action demands with Asians, Jews and Arabs because they’re “People of Color” too? Is that going to fit the “People of Color’s” agenda? Are they going to like it when “Whitey” starts spreading the affirmative action wealth to the other “People of Color”, the Mongoloids and Semites? Because if you only mean people of Negroid blood then say it. I have no problem with that. The continued fight for equality by “Black” people is not something I’m against and in most cases champion it, especially since my kids are mulatto meaning I  have a vested interest in equality for the “Black” man.

      This whole “People of Color” term is a term used by those with animosity towards the “white” man, who think they’re too intellectual and educated for their own good, and that good old “Lily-white, ivory-towered, harboring white-guilt apologist” crowd. Who think if they “Breathlessly” spout the phrase “People of Color” it absolves them of all their guilt and makes them feel better about themselves.

     This “People of Color” term is ussually spoken “BREATHLESSLY” to fiegn some kind of higher-minded idealism. Those that speak it especially the “white intellects” do it to imply altruism on their part and that anybody who does not “get it” or “objects” in anyway is just a common ignorant. These “Whitey’s” make me sick! Just because you “pat yourself on the back” because you think Halle Berry is “Beautiful” or that Denzel is a “Great Actor” does not mean your not racist. And just because you go around saying “People of Color” does not mean your not racsist either. Likewise all you “intellectualized” blacks, just because you want to brand yourself and your people a “Person of Color” does not mean you are smarter than the rest of us. And I do not appreciate your implied threat that any intellectual concern for the meaning of the phrase will be shouted down as a racsist belief.

     My wife lived what most would consider the “stereotypical” black experience. My friends in federal prison were not sell-out blacks, they knew what time it was. Any time I asked any of the black people in my life what they consider themselves, they always said unhesitatingly, BLACK. All this “People of Color” garbage is just that and it’s done by people with an agenda. But be careful because if anyone starts to wake-up, pay attention or gets some guts to question, a whole lot more people may get included in your “People of Color” club than you were willing to take in.

    And stop with the whole “Black and Brown skinned peoples of the world” nonsense, because it makes even less sense than the “People of Color” phrase. Because there is NO doubt my dad is a brown-skinned man despite his European ancestry. Do you want the quota system and affirmative action to be available to him? And if not why? Are you now guilty of discrimination? And against a brown-skinned man at that?

   If you mean race, say it. If you mean anybody not caucasian, say it. But if so you gotta let in a whole lot more people than you are probably willing. If you mean a specific race, say it. If you mean the Negroid race, say it.

     A Note:

      Do NOT criticize me for using the term Negroid. It is an ACCEPTED acedemic term to distinguish a specific race of people.

     But you see how ridiculous the phrase “People of Color” is? See how it can be interpreted in many different ways? See how it is nearly impossible to pin down what exactly does it mean and who it exactly includes? And how when you do get specific with the phrase it starts to mean things and includes  peoples those who promote the phrase never meant  it to be  nor  includes people those promters never wanted to include.

      The phrase is a dishonest phrase used to promote a political agenda and slience any criticism no matter how interested, concerned or honest that criticism may be.

    And don’t think there isn’t discrimination amongst the “white”. Does anyone think for a second that the W.A.S.P.’s or even the Irish do not consider Italians to be of inferoir bloodlines, even going so far as to label the the N-word? Or even Italians themselves who consider Sicilians to be of a lower class, even calling them the N-word?

    And how does a “fair-skinned” Hispanic get included in the “People of Color” crowd. The Hispanic has the Spaniard surname because of colonizing explorers who were of Caucasian, European, Meditteranean bloodlines. That’s right European Spaniards ARE considered Caucasian! FACT! These Spaniards mixed with other bloodlines on their exploratory expeditions that in many cases were NOT even of Negroid bloodlines. Somehow these Hispanics are now classified with “People of Color” when they probably have NO “People of Color” blood. See ridiculous and dishonest this phrase is? It can mean anything to anybody and manipulated to include anybody to fit a specific agenda.

     Civiliztions have been in existence for over 3,500 years. Did we all come from a common progenitor? Probably. Does it matter from where or from what race that progenitor originated? Not to me. At this point in civilization there has been so much mixing and mingling that there are NO pure blood races left anywhere in the world. We are all a mix of something or the other. Most times the only thing that signifies an ethnicity is the persons last name. I have relatives that have so many mixes they’re Italian in name only. And what difference does it make?

    I think the world is a better place for it’s diversity. The thing that’s killing the world is all this polarization from the “race-baiters” who promote a special interset. They pretend like they’re fighting for the rights of the minority classes but if someone had a magic-wand to wipe out inequality these so-called champions of the “underclass” and disenfranchised” would be the first to try and break that magic-wand because the day there is no more inequality is the day the jig is up for these charlatans. It is they who are the hypocrites as they fan the flames of racial resentment.

     There is NO such thing as an exclusive “People of Color”. Anyone promoting it is dishonest or brainwashed or both.

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sicilian1: Eminem, The Ultimate White Girl!

    We all know about the wanna-be down white girl. Now I have absolutely nothing against interracial pairings. I just feel they should be real and not the indulgement of “jungle fever” or an attempt to prove a point, ussually that the white person is down.

     Do you know how many white-boys are doing time because they listened to a little Tupac or Biggie, maybe a some Jay-Z or Nas or got caught up with the whole gangster rap thing. It’s ridiculous they think the rap music is actual reality. They buy into the whole gangster persona’s of these rap stars. I don’t know if they’re really that stupid or if these white-boys just wanna believe that it’s all true. These rap stars have a vested interest in really making their suburban white-boy audience really believe that the stuff they rap about is the life they have lived.

    But here’s the analogy: Do you think Robert DeNiro or Al Pacino or James Gandolfini really for one second think they’re the characters they play? Do you really think for one second any of those actors would invade the real gangster world to try and turn their screen roles into reality? These actors know that they’re  just actors and the know the roles they play are just roles they play.

     99% of these rap stars are suburban kids or if they are from the hood they’re just kids that can put what they’ve seen to verse. The kids from the hood know the rap stars are really soft, they love they music only for what it represents. The words speak to them, they identify with what is rapped.

    How for one second do those words speak to the little white punks from suburbia? But even the real gangsters from the hood promote the persona of these fake rap stars. And the reason is because the gangsters from the hood are hustling these little fake rap punks. They’re shaking them down for protection or the fake rap punks pays them to hang around to enhance their street cred. So when one of these fake rap punks from the hood gets paid, the hood gets paid because the fake rapper needs the real thugs to remain relevant in the game. So that’s the vested interest in promoting the fake rep and history of these fake thugs.

    And don’t think for a second the real thugs carry the fake thugs forever. Once the fake rap thug gets played out the real thugs move on to the next fake rap thug to prop up. That’s why these punk rappers all end up broke. A huge amount of their salary goes to maintaining a posse. They have to for their own protection.

   But the little bitch white-boys from suburbia buy it all hook line and sinker. They try to turn these rap lyrics into reality. Remember the rapper only wants the white-boy to believe it’s reality so they can sell records. So the whole industry constantly attempts to gas up the white-boy to keep the money rolling in.

   But trying to live the rap lyrics gets the white-boy in serious trouble. The hood knows what is and isn’t real therfore there’s no desire to live a fantasy. eventually the white-boy is selling drugs or he kills someone, the whole time thinking he’s a gangster. In the end the white-boy gets bitched. Either his rich family buys him out of trouble or if the can’t the white-boy pays the price with a bid . Then after it’s all said and done the white-boy goes back to being a white-boy.

    Then you got the little wanna-be down white girl. You’ve seen them, sometimes they got the waves in their hair or they press the front of their hair down real tight, trying to make everyone believe their hair is coarse. Y’know the type, if you close your eyes and listen to their voice you’d think you were listening to a stereotypical black girl. These white chicks always seem to think they’re better looking than the black girls just cause they’re white. They think the black guys actually think they’re hotter than the black girls and that it’s just not some kind of black power play.

    These white girls are so deluded, their entire identity depends upon being a down white girls, they think they’re too cool to ever even give the white-boy the time of day. They would never even dream of stooping so low. Going with black guys proves their coolness and downness. It means everything to them.

    It doesn’t matter what kind of fake thug the black guy is, how broke he always is, how much he mooches off them, how many of her ugly fat friends he bangs. The white girl will put the blinders on and lie to herself all for the price of being a down white girl.

    They don’t care how many black guys knock them up. The more black guy baby daddy drama they got, the more gangster cred they have and the better that makes them feel. They get played and suckered and passed from fake black thug to fake black thug. But you could never tell these down white girls otherwise because it’s all a badge of honor for them.

     Eminem is that WHITE-GIRL and that WHITE-BOY. He’s been able to live the lie his entire career bouyed by the record execs and a black Hip-Hop community who was having their palms greased to give this little Eminem bitch credibility. All the major players in the Hip-Hop community propped this little Eminem fag up because it was all good for the Hip-Hop communties bottom line.

    The powers that be sold this fraud hard to wanna-be down white-boy America. They even presented him as a renegade and rebel by insiting conventional white America against him. Antagonizing them to speak out against this so called outsider the better to get the money of the wanna be down white-boys who were all too enthused to go against the tide and go with this so-called rebel. The wanna-be down crowd was legitimized by this Eminem fag. They now had the ok to call themselves the N-word with impunity because one of their own was now one of them.

    The biggest joke was Eminem’s song “I am whatever they say I am” (sic). This little bitch actually says in the song, “radio won’t even play my jam”. Are you kidding me bitch?! You had the audacity to say that. And the white-boys bought it. What a complete lie that was. This little white bitch was the darling of MTV and every radio station. You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing or hearing this little Slim-Shady bitch.

    So he was always a fraud. He was always living a lie. Everybody propped the bitch up to make money off him. Well like the white girl who ends up back at mommy and daddy’s house, using her white parents to help her raise her black kids (You’ve seen these poor little black kids with their hair a complete mess because none of the white people raising them know how to take care of black people’s hair) and the white-boy who puts on his suit and tie and gets a job in the corporate world after he’s been nearly scared to death trying to turn a rap ryhme or video into real life, Eminem has to go back to his little white world to be the white boy he’s always been.

     I say that Eminem is the classic white girl because like the white girl this bitch’s entire identity revolved around him being down. You couldn’t give this little fag all the money in the world to even let a white boy hang out in his posse. There was no way this Eminem homo was gonna let another white boy invade his status as the downest of the down white boys. If a white boy ever made a little head way with Eminem’s crew I could just see how jealous this little bitch would get. He’d make a catty woman look manly.

     I saw this bitch on TV making fun of  white people in the same voice that black guys use when they poke fun at the corny white guys. I was just stunned. Many times I’ve heard black guys personally and on TV’s and movies put on that corny voice to make fun of white people. And here’s a white guy doing the same thing to make fun of white people. Are you kidding me?!!

    When did this bitch become down? Did he ever hang in the hood? Did he ever sell drugs in the hood? And I mean for real not just some white-boy fabrication where the white-boy deludes himself into thinking that he really needs to do those kinds of things or is trying to prove how down he is. I’m talking about doing those things because it’s neccessary for your hood survival.

    Oh ya bitch, when did you ever do a REAL bid? Not some punk ass 50 Cent drug program bid. I’m talking about going up-state or getting on the air-lift. When you done that bitch then maybe we’ll talk about giving you hood status you little fag.

    Imagine, what are you gonna do with yourself you little white-GIRL bitch? Just be like all the other played out white-girls who go back to being white-girls after they been run through by every black guy. HA,HA,HA,HA!!! You little fag.

   And to all you black Hip-Hoppers out there. I know you’re all about getting paid. I know it’s gonna be very tempting to sell out to the powers that be who are gonna turn to you to resurrect their little cash cow. I’m begging you, maintain your dignity. Be true to your creation, Hip-Hop. Don’t let this little fag, punk white-boy back into your game. Don’t give this punk bitch any credibility. You were part of  allowing this little fag to attain fame and fortune. Isn’t that good enough? The black man doesn’t have to and must not sell out to this wanna-be down faggity-ass bitch.

    Hey Em, you bitch, I bet Marky-Mark and none of his fun bunch ever sucked the ass of a little fag like Bruno. Sometimes life is so just.

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 So now that the WHITE-BOY has been bitched like no body has ever been bitched the “powers-that-be” are closing ranks to protect their golden-boy by pretending that it was all staged. Ya, and we all believe Obama’s not really a muslim!

  Do you think for one single second that Eminem would ever agree to that? Here is a little punk who’s whole identity is based on being the ONLY true down WHITE-BOY who has ever lived. This bitch doesn’t bat an eyelash without taking into account how his cool factor will be percieved. This bitch doesn’t have a self-depricating cell in his body!! He wouldn’t allow for a milli-second for himself to be the but of a joke. NEVER!!

If God came down and offered Eminem all the money and personal fulfillment available to a human or poverty back his reputation as the downest WHITE-BOY who ever lived, there is absolutely no doubt that he would choose door number two without even the slightest hesitation.

    So it is clear that this was not a staged event. This little bitch is so conscious of never being exposed as the WHITE-BOY that he is so conscious of running away from his true WHITE-BOY identity that this fake-ass bitch would NEVER agree to it.

     All the entertainment power-brokers (Agents, industry big-wigs, executives, etc.,) got all nervous that their little punk-ass money train had finally been exposed for the fraud that he has always been that they forced this “staged” story to be diseminated. DO NOT let them perpetrate this lie on you!!! I KNOW this WHITE-BOY as self-conscious as he is about always being on “cool-mode” would NEVER go along with it. He had no reason to do it. He just dropped a new album. All his liitle WHITE-BOY worshippers were enthused about the return of their down hero. Why would “Mr. Cool” involve himself in some Borat nonsense were he’d come out looking like a fool? Doesn’t make any sense.

      Now as for this little WHITE-BOY bitch. The WHITE-BOY can NEVER live down what was done to him!!! He was bitched for all eternity. He was worse than punked, he was straight up bitched!!! Played out by a little fag like Borat. Isn’t life so beautiful sometimes? We all had to have this punk ass WHITE-BOY act like he was really being accepted by the HIP-HOP crowd when all that was happening was that the record execs picked this fag to be their vehicle into the suburban WHITE-BOY hood-rat audience. Whiye-boys no longer had to validate themselves, they no longer had to listen to Tupac and Biggie in the Q.T. They now had one of their own who was the ultimate HIP-HOPPER accepted by all in the HIP-HOP crowd. White-boys were estatic!!!! They could now be as YO’ED out as they wanted to be because they had one of their own running the game. All the black dudes in the industry were FORCED to bow down to this little BITCH-ASS WHITE-BOY.

     But now the BLACK MAN has finally been liberated from playing “Steppin Fetchet” to this little punk WHITE-BOY. I don’t know about you but I would get sick to my stomach watching these black guys play “Water-Carrier” to this little bitch WHITE-BOY! I could see how these black flunkies were biting their lips as they sold-out to this little bitch. Do you really think for one single solitary second that these black guys playing his minions believed that Eminem possessed any street cred at all? This bitch wasn’t street! He wasn’t a thug! He wasn’t a gangster! He wasn’t hood! He wasn’t gully! He was a straight-up WANNA-BE down WHITE-BOY begging to be accepted by the brothers.

      HIP-HOP is, has always been and will always be the black man’s original creation! HIP-HOP came from the struggle! It was they ability to see the rainbow in the ghetto! It was remaining optomistic through all the pain and madness! That the belief in a better day would sustain you through the rain!

    When the whole gangster style became the dominant angle to have any credibility a HIP-HOPPER had to understand the game! And even if an artist wasn’t a true gangster (And few were) they at least had to be able to represent the game by being able to convey the attitude. The only way a white-boy could be part of HIP-HOP was if he lived that game and that only became available to the white-boy at that specific moment in HIP-HOP. It wasn’t available before or after.

     But now since the hero of down WHITE-BOYS everywhere has been bitched like nobody ever, the lie is over! The black man doesn’t have to worry about this WHITE-BOY co-opting their creation. Why would they? Why would they give this bitch credibility? Why would the want to be seen with this little WHITE-BOY fag? What are they gonna get out of letting him glom some street-cred off of them?

Now is the time for the black man to bury this bitch forever! O.J. ‘s acquital will always be remembered as a watershed moment for equality for the black man. Obama’s election was looked at as the culmination of the struggle. But the day Eminem was bitched ranks right up there in watershed moments for the black man. The black man’s “uncle Tom” role to this little bitch is over.

     Do you think Jay-Z would’ve “staged” that prank with Borat? How about Snoop? Dr. DRE’? Tupac? Biggie? Go ahead, try to name one HIP-HOPPER who would’ve gone along with emasculating himself like that. And do you think that little fag Bruno would’ve had the guts to ever even attempt to perpetrate that prank on any of the above mentioned? Not a shot!

    And hopefully no more producers (Dre’) will be forced to give the bitch WHITE-BOY the phat beats that put him on. What does this bitch do that’s so special anyway? Nothing he says is even remotely deep! Nothing touches your soul in even the slightest! Nothing makes you think and ponder! All this bitch does is crack punch-lines! Big deal! Every black kid can crack “Mamma” jokes. But this little fag can do it so they FORCE Dre’ to lay some phat tracks and the next thing you know this little WHITE-BOY bitch is being touted as the greatest rapper alive.

     So now this little WHITE-BOY has to go back to being a WHITE-BOY and doing all the things WHITE-BOYS do. And now all the littlle suburban hood-rats who think because Eminem is down with the brothers that gives them the credibility to think they can live the HIP=HOP gangster lifestyle for real will have second thoughts.

     This little WHITE-BOY better get used to sucking ass like he did with Bruno because the only way this Eminem bitch gets to keep his HIP-HOP cred is if he sucks black man’s ass.

    It took about a decade run for this bitch WHITE-BOY to be exposed but, what comes around goes around. You can’t live the lie forever. God, Karma, the cosmos, whatever you want to call it is going to make sure you get you just deserts.

    Remember bitch you’re a WHITE-BOY! Your name is Marshall Mathers! You’re a straight-up WHITE-BOY!

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