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   Everything I write about comes from a deep personal concern. I have lived an interesting and full life. Been there, done that, around the world and back and I don’t front.

  Iam a well read individual and highly educated possessing a B.A. in religious studies. The fact is that I embaced and never shied away from my stereotypical Sicilian upbringing. Now I fully understand those who my brand me a hypocrite to have pursued a degree in religious studies when I lived that stereotypical life. But I would just say it is more a contradiction. I pursued that course of study because I was interested in the historical significance of religion and how it shapes the world. I also am interested in how people define “faith” and what that means to them.

  I served a federal prison sentence and it didn’t cause an awakening me or a moment of epiphany. the experience only changed my perspectiveon life. I buried that life and became intent on pursuing something different. My degree was attained before my sentence so my interest in religion was NOT the result of a “born-again” awakening.

     My life has been diverse and rich. I have been exposed to and encountered many different races, cultures, religions, etc., and from every walk of life imaginable.

   My comments and opinions may sometimes seem rude on the surface but I’m coming from a point of view that is real and truthful to me. Sometimes it may be difficult to predict my stance on an issue. But I am an “equal opportunity offender” because I HATE all offenders. I am not afraid to call out groups or individuals.

   All comments are appreciated but even if they’re biting, please keep them on an intelligent level. No name calling because once you do that you lose all credibility.

Thank You for your time, attention and interest.


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