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sicilian1: Honduras, A Preview for America

    On Sunday there was a “coup d’etat” in Honduras. With the full backing of the congress, the courts and the military, President Manuel Zelaya was forced to leave the country and replaced with an interim President, Robert Micheletti.

   Zelaya was elected as president four years ago and quickly and transparently aligned himself with socialist tyrants like Chavez and Castro. Honduras was almost immediately grounded in a quicksand of political corruption and back-washing. As his nation sunk deeper into poverty, Zelaya resorted to the usual progressive/socialist/elitist trick by fabricating a bogey-man. He laid the trouble for his nations downturn at the feet of the elites. This is the classic blame tactic of the socialist/progressive types like Zelaya; they transpose their own faults on their opponents, demonizing them with ad hominem attacks to divert the issue from their failed and corrupt policies.

    Zelaya argued that in order to fix things he needed more time in office. He ordered a national referendum whereby he could alter the Constitution and run for re-election. The Democratic apparatus of Honduras refused to allow Zelaya to get away with his power grab. Undettered this arrogant pushed forward nevertheless. When the military rejected his demand to support his referendum, Zelaya fired his general. When the Supreme Court ruled the firing unjust, Zelaya ignored their decision and once again resorted to the socialist/progressive ad hominem rhetorical tactic of demonization by accussing the Court of being tools for the elites and acting as an obstacle for democracy.

    On Sunday the Congress, the courts and the military forced Zelaya on a plane to Costa Rica. This was NOT the “coup d’etat” which the media is portraying it to be. This was the unified action of a desperate nation to end the machinations of a would-be tyrant who was trying to usurp the Constitution of Honduras in order to turn this poverty-stricken nation into his personal fiefdom.

     Zelaya looked around the Americas and saw what worked for his nieghbors (Chavez/Castro); an endless game of vicious blame politics where the ignorant massess are whipped into a frenzy of hate as they attack whatever boogey-man has been constructed as the excuse for their plight. With Chavez and all his oil money, Zelaya was ready to become a bought and paid minion to spew whatever rhetoric Chavez deemed to be useful to himself.

   The reason why I mention this is because this could be a preview for what could be in store for the United Staes. President Obama’s public satement was that he was, “Deeply concerened.” You better believe he is.

    The next big bill before the senate after healthcare will be the amnesty bill. If Obama and his progressive thugs are successful in ramming that legislation through and ALL the illegal aliens become legal, a “super” voting bloc will be created that will be absolutely insurmountable for any opposing candidate to overcome. That is the progressives aim; to legalize the illegals which will make ALL the hispanics, who are classified as an “historicall disadvantaged” group, immediately eligible for EVERY affirmative action civil right benefit. All these so-called “non-profit”, “community organizations”, that stear these “historically disadvantaged” groups to the gov’t  “free-bee’s” and are really nothing more than the “foot-soldiers” for the progressive power structure,  will make it  clear to their clients that as payment they are to vote for the specific progressive candidate. So once amnesty is granted it is GAME OVER.

   But, we’re not there yet and Obama has his contingencies. Remember the EFOCA (The gravest misnomer there has ever been). That was basically the union “card-check” bill where the unions wanted to do away with the secret ballot. Well, mark my words, that’ll be Obama’s first tactic. If things aren’t going his way he’ll introduce a “card-check” bill for the general election. Anyone oppossing it will be branded a racist, that if they’re not willing to forego the secret ballot it’s only because they want to hide behind their “sheets” and engage in their closet racist attitudes. The govn’t controlled media will hail this “card-check” as a great thing; ‘that it’ll expose the racist out there’ and ‘what do you have to hide anyway.’ The psuedo black panther thugs will be stationed at every voting booth in America (They’ll probably be on the Acorn payroll) making sure every voter votes as they “should.”

    If the “card-check” tactic is not successful, whether it be after this first term or if (God forbid) the messiah is finishing up a second term, a referendum much like the one Zelaya introduced will be introduced by Obama. If things look bad it’ll be after the first term. Obama will employ the same method of Zelaya; never taking blame, pointing the finger at the big mess he inherited from Bush and that HE HIMSELF, the ANNOINTED MESSIAH of MESSIAH’S NEEDS to be ensured of another 4 years to see his policies to fruition and guide America on the path HE HIMSELF deems it should journey. If he gets a second term and things are still going bad (Which I envision they will be), he’ll still employ the same rhetoric as an excuse for extending to a 3rd, 4th, 5th, however many terms it takes untill he finally declares himself ruler for life.

     If every democratic institution bucks against Obama’s tyrannical power grab, he’ll do the same thing Zelaya is doing now. Zelaya is before the United Nations portraying himself as the poor victim of a military overthrow. He is calling on the international community to show it’s support in re-enstating him as President of Honduras as a “defense of democracy.”

   Isn’t it always like the progressives to drape themselves in a faux higher level of altruism when it is they in fact who are the tyrants desiring to ensalve their peoples as pawns to achieve their selfish ends. They always paint their opponents as the “bad-guys” and themselves as the “victims” when in fact it is the absolute reverse. It is always their own tyranny, their own end of self-absorbed utopia justifying the oppressive means of their actions that eventually leads to their downfall. They always wrap themselves in populus rhetoric when in fact they are the eternal enemy of the populus. It is the progressives lack of respect for each and every individual human being that causes them to lump each individual human being into certain “groups” and convince them that what’s good for the “group” is good for them and what’s good for affiliated “groups” is good for their “group” and then play certain “groups” off one another convincing a certain “group” that another certain “group” is their eternal enemy the whole time amassing more and more power for themselves as they create more “groups” in their own camp. Because the progressives adgenda is to divide and conquer by having all the “groups” competing for the same govn’t pie he controls.

    So in due time Obama will further demonize his opponents to first institute “card-check” in the general election, then to introduce referendum’s to first do away with the 2-term limit for presidents if not to do away with term limits for presidents all together. Then if none of that works and things really go awry and he finds himself in front of the United Nations pleading his case, don’t be surprised if this ego-maniac with his messianic complex tries to barter his way into having the Untied Nations just outright declare him the King of the World.

    So when Obama says he’s, “deeply concerned” about the goings-on in Honduras, you better believe he is.

   But remember if you believe any of this to be true you may in fact be a RACIST!!!

   Me on the other hand am “bullet-proof.” If you don’t believe me then read my past blogs. I am NOT coming from some white-supremecist ideology. I have black people in my family and mixed kids so my views are only motivated by the truth. I just call them as I see them.


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