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sicilian1: Obama, One Down, Two To Go.

   The cap-and-trade legislation was introduced on Thursday June 25th, 2009 and voted on and passed on Friday June 26th, 2009. One day, that’s how long it took for the government to make it’s biggest grab of the economy in the history of this country’s exsistence (Forget about the bailouts, they pale in comparison to this) and to take away more of the liberties of it’s citizens than ever before. Know this for a fact, once the particular’s of this legislation are implemented the lives of every American citizen will never be the same.

     This cap-and-trade legislation was a bill 1,201 pages in length introduced one day and then voted on the next. The only congressmen who probably read it were it’s raging progressive author’s Rep. Waxman (D-CA) and Rep. Markey (D-MA). How inconscionable is it for any politician, no matter how good the bill may be, to vote in the affirmative of a piece of legislation they have never even had the chance to read. These representitives are voted on by the citizens of this great nation to repesent the citizenry and protect the best interests of those they represent. The founding Father’s set up a system where there was suppossed to be a rich round of debate where ideas were given the chance to be explicated, where the affects of certain laws and legislation were suppossed to be disected to shed light onto how they would effect the people, where these laws and legislation would be ammended to ensure the interests of the people were served untill they were voted upon. Now I ask, how could any of those principles be honored when a 1,201 page bill gets voted into law a day after it’s introduction.

   As I said the only people who probably know what’s in the bill are the minions of Waxman and Markey who wrote it. Now what do the partisian progressives in the house who voted in the affirmative really care about what’s in the bill as long as they’ve been assured that the progressive, government power-grabbing adgenda that will serve the will of their great messiah Obama has been met. These hacks do not care about serving the citizens who voted them into office, their only purpose is to do the bidding of the thug Obama and vote his party and government as much power as possible.

     Nobody really even knows what’s in the bill but in a nutshell cap-and-trade works something like this; corporations get a cap put on how much green-house gases they emit and they are taxed to the hilt. Obviously as the corporations taxes to the government rise, they pass on the cost on to the consumer. So get ready to pull out the blankets because energy costs for every American are about to go through the roof. The “trade” part comes into play when these corporations start trading the energy rations handed out by the government back and forth. Oh yes, the great protector of the people our one and only annointed one has just created another boon-doggle for corporate America.

   Now the real little trick is this; because the government is going to tax the ‘you-know-what’ out of fossil-fuels, they will in turn make wind and solar “seem” cost efficent. The fact of reality is that gas, oil and coal are the most cost effective forms of energy. The simple reason is that they do NOT have to be harnessed. You just drill or mine for them then burn them. On the other hand wind and solar have to be harnessed and the ability to harness them is very inconsistent. That is why they have never replaced fossil fuels. Don’t even mention the “evil” that is nuclear energy, bring that up and you’ll be demonized by the progressive crowd as some sort of abomination willing to endanger mankind and future generations. Absolutely no intelligent discussion can ever be had about nuclear energy because the knee-jerk, emotional midgets in the progressive crowd will shout you down. But the dirty little secret is that nuclear energy is incredibly safe and even more cost effective (Ask our socialist hero’s the French). The progressive power brokers know this but they don’t want a discussion on nuclear energy because they know it’s not the same tax-control mechanism as are the other inefficient forms of enviromentally friendly energy. So they mobilize their radical minions to diseminate the “scare-danger” rhetoric about nuclear energy to the ignorant masses and in turn successfully put to death all legitimate talk about using nuclear energy as an alternative.

    So this new cap-and-trade legislation accomplishes the task of raising the cost of using fossil fuels through the roof allowing the progressives to then claim that all of a sudden wind and solar are more cost effective. And they in fact will be but only after the progressives have destroyed the fossil fuel industry with excessive taxation. But the consumer trying to heat his home isn’t going to see anything happen but his energy bills rise. So the uninformed, ignorant in the masses who looks to his political leaders for guidance is only going to be left confused looking at his exhorbitant energy bill while the arrogant politician tells him that wind and solar are in fact lowering his energy costs.

      But what is most outrageous about this new cap-and-trade bill was the way it was rammed through the house by Obama’s thugs in the democratic party. What happened to Barrack “‘Transparency will be my middle name” Obama? The website that this bold-faced liar was suppossed to set up, available for all to view pending legislation is still just another one of the great one’s unfullfilled promises. Even if they did have the site set up, the way Obama’s heavies rammed through the legislation in one day I find it improbable that anyone would have been able to review the 1,201 page bill anyway. Obama is insulting, his empty promises on the campaign trail show just how arrogant and dismissive of the American people this elitist is.

   How arrogant is this man that he thinks it his right to strongarm such important, game-changing legislation through the congress in one day before ANYBODY in congress can even read it to discuss it and also to allow the American public to even have the chance to become aware of it so they can debate it and think about it so they can contact their congressmen to tell them how they want them to vote. That’s how the founding Father’s set it all up to work. But when you’re the grand majestic messiah I guess you set your own rules.

   This was just round one. Round two will be healthcare reform. A step to socialized medicine is not the direction this country should head. Any informed citizen who has heard the horror stories of socialized medicine in other countries knows what in store once America implements a universal program. Anyone who’s not an illegal alien doesn’t want it. Anyone who’s not brainwashed by the progressives who wrap universal healthcare in some kind of psuedo higher form of moral responsibility doesn’t want it. Anyone who’s not brainwashed into assuming guilt for their own suppossed “privledge” doesn’t want it.

    A good sign is that Obama is losing the debate on Capitol Hill. Any time he initiates a road show or starts with the infomercial’s you know he’s feeling the heat. But don’t fear, I fully expect Obama to use his cult-of-personality to brainwash the ignorants into feeling guilt for not wanting to make sure everyone gets free coverage. Get ready for every exaggerated sob-story out there and some that will be fully fabricated, get ready for Obama to exude his fiegned compassion every time he wraps his arm around some poor soul’s shoulder, get ready for Obama to tug at your heart strings and make you feel as if it is your moral obligation to ensure free health care for every American and illegal alien who wanders over the border.

    But, also get ready for longer waits, rationed care, and an older generation that gets put out to pasture by some government burreaucrat who deems certain procrdures to be too cost ineffective. All you ignorants who are brainwashed into wringing your hands that it is everyone’s right to free healthcare better get ready to wring your hands when your elderly self or loved one gets sentenced to death by Obama’s universal health czar who decides that someone younger needs the procedure instead.

   But the biggest exposure of hypocrisy will be when you find out that Obama and all the politicians who voted  for universal healthcare do NOT enroll in the same plans as all you commoners in the masses. See if this vapid, self-absorbed maniac who’ll be out there twisting every question he gets asked on his road show to somehow relate it to a circumstance in his own life, will relate to you by making available to you the same care available to this man of extreme compassion when you get deathly sick.

    But after all that, if you’ve still got any fight left get ready for the greatest travesty when Obama and his punks ram through amnesty legislation. Understand this; when Obama says that all the newly legalized illegal’s will have to take their place in line behind everbody else he is telling his BIGGEST LIE EVER. That rhetoric sounds good, appealing and fair. BUT even if Obama wanted it to be true it could NOT be. When he is talking amnesty for illegals he is only talking about hispanics and in truth they’re the only ones that matter. Other illegals from other demographics do not count because there numbers are infintesimal. Here’s the dirty little secrt our devious president does not tell anyone. Hispanics are defined as an “Historically disadvantaged” minority subject to availability for ALL the affirmative action programs out there. As soon as this illegal alien demographic is legalized, by subject of the affirmative action laws they IMMEDIATELY JUMP to the FRONT of the line. That becomes their legal right. With one feld swoop of a vote the demographics of this country will change FOREVER. And before I get labeled a racsist, understand this all you African-Americans out there, your availability to affirmative action (Which I believe is legitimate and that the African-American is the ONLY demographic that should have the availability to affirmative action) becomes significantly diminished because the sheer numbers of the Hispanics  will increase to an unbelievable degree.

     That is the real danger. Because once these illegals are given amnesty, don’t think they’re going to start filling up all the civil sevice quota’s, no, they’re going to start filling up all the government assistance, government giveaway quota’s. You think they’re a drain on the economy now? Wait untill the taxpayer is picking up the assistance tab for all these new American citizens.

     But the American public keeps their blinders on, lets this charlatan game them with his cult-of-personality and continues to shoulder the guilt heaped upon them by all the moralist finger waggers out there. They keep letting that happen and they’re not even going to know where they’re living.


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