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sicilian1: The Problem of Evil

    For the atheist the simple answer is that there can be no God because evil exists and that a perfect God would not create a world where the capacity for evil is allowed. That’s always the atheists “gotcha question.” But by making that generic argument the atheist is only scratching the surface. Which is not at all surprising because although the atheist always seems to think it is themselves to be the deep thinkers refusing to wrap their minds around such “infantile” and “constraining” thoughts as the concept of a “God” and that “ridiculous” thing called “faith”, it is actually the believer (at least a deist) who has examined the subject, wrestled with the evidence, reconciled and clearly constructed the available facts, accepted the truths bitter as they may be to swallow and persevered through it all to live by guiding principles of a God and a faith, who in fact is actually the deeper thinker.

     Is there evil in the world? Yes, absolutely, too much of it in fact. But once again upon further examination evil is in fact further proof of God’s existence. First off, evil lends credence to the spiritual nature of man. All other species kill only for food and survival. Man is the only species that kills indiscriminately and for purely emotional reasons. Only man has the real choice to commit evil acts such as murder. Whether right or wrong, justifiable or not, backed into a corner, man always has a choice to make. Every other species kills or commits “wrong” exclusively on instinct and for their survival. That man has a choice, the ability to reason proves that man has a conscience or spirit. The duality of mind and matter is not present in any other species.

   The conscience, spirit, feedom of choice leads one to the cliche’d concept of free will. Many people consider this to be a “yada-yada” argument and dismiss it without examination. But sorry to inform the atheist, it is fundamental to God’s purpose. This concept answers the question of why a perfect God would allow evil.

   The premise is that of a creator God who  created man. Now whether one believes in the karma of an afterlife or karma in this earthly life there can be no such concept if man does not have the freedom to choose between good or evil. If we as humans had no choice then we would only be robots and the concept of karma could never play a role in our decisions. If God made it so humans only had the option to choose between degree’s of goodness then that would only lead to the logical evolution that the lesser degree’s of goodness would become badness. What reasonable option would it be to only choose from degree’s of goodness. How ridiculous would it sound as humans weighed the options between being ‘really all out good’ or just ‘a little bit’ good. If one didn’t choose the option of extreme goodness than everything else would be evil.

    If humans didn’t have the option to choose then there could be no real good and there could be no real meaning to life. I myself want the option to choose. I myself invite the struggle against the forces of evil because it makes life that much more meaningful. Maybe it never was God’s intention to make this world perfect and that is not proof of His non-existence but in fact stronger proof of His existence. If the atheist want perfection then a good suggestion would be for them to live moral lives because then they can probably experience some form of perfection in this life and if there is an afterlife, in that life too.

   Why does God create evil? because if God created a perfect world that was completely moral and without sin then the concept of free will would be null and void which would not only make the strive for perfection in an afterlife for those who believe in that meaningless but also would make this life completely meaningless. God gives everyone the choice between right or wrongs, good or bad, love or hate, acceptance or rejection. If humans didn’t have those options then they could never really experience all the positives of life. The existence of all the negatives inherant in the world is what makes the positives available. How could one know, love and accept God, anyone or anything if they didn’t have the option to deny them? And that goes for all our interpersonal and societal relationships. When atheists reject God because of their insistence on freedom to do as they please they don’t understand that that freedom was given to them by God through free will.

    The personal pain and suffering of humans is another favorite argument of the atheists to prove God doesn’t exist. But what kind of humans would we be without obstacles to overcome or crisis’ to deal with? God doesn’t want weak and untested people. Our tests of faith are the greatest struggles we will ever encounter. The triumph over obstacles builds character and makes us stronger more principled human beinfs. It is during times of trouble when we discover things about ourselves and ultimately determines who we are. Those that can persevere through times of trouble and still maintain their faith in God or at least humanity have made themselves more principled human beings.

    Life is not meant to be easy. None of us live in a bubble ,everything we do and that that others do causes a chain reaction that impacts all our lives. All the trials and tribulations, both good and bad, activated by those chain reaction set off by each individual action is what makes life life and how we respond determines our ultimate fate.

     Those evil doers though sometimes seemingly getting over with their sins, will ultimately pay some kind of karmic price, whether here on earth, in a life hereafter, or with a legacy of sin and destruction for those they care about to clean up.

   I hate to say it but there is evil and corruption in the world, life is not always fair but that isn’t an excuse to compromise one’s own principles, let their faith in God and their fellow man crumble, or even to deny the bitter truths of life. God allows evil to exist by giving all humans who perpetrate it the free will to do so because it is that free will that allows humans to decide whether or not to live by God’s way ;which is for the good of mankind, so that if they decide to do God’s will they’ll be rewarded in the life hereafter or in this life through peace of mind in knowing they are living righteously. Ultimately the decision is each individual own.


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