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sicilian1: Iran and the Latest

    Lets be clear; Obama is not in the least bit happy with what is transpiring in Iran. This revolt by the people of Iran against their oppressive theocratic regime is never what Obama expected after his fawning Cairo speech. That Cairo speech was just more pro-Islamic rhetoric to lend more credibility to the Arab/Muslim world and take another slap at the face of the West. That entire self-absorbed speech was framed to make the Arab/Muslim world look like the innocent victims, misunderstood and exploited by the arrogant and callous West who because of their many insensitive transgressions would now have to accept a role of subserviance in payment for centuries of sins.

    The ground was laid to in Cairo for America to bow and beg for forgiveness and concede whatever was deemed neccessary by the noble Arab/Muslim world as reparations for finally earning their respect. Obama was feeling good and preening. Then Iran erupted. What was initially a protest of voter fraud and misconduct, quickly mushroomed into an outright revolt against the fanatical, theocratic, oppressive leaders of Iran.

    Obama’s initial silence was deafening. France’s Sarkozy was the first leader to come out and condemn both the vote fraud and then the violence. Sarkozy spoke for the essential component of democracy that the people’s votes be legitimately counted. Obama finally issued a form statement about the world watching that had absolutely no impact. Then Obama dug himself a hole from which he’ll never be able to crawl out of when on June 16, 2009 on his “house” channel CNBC, the great messiah of infinate compassion, said to the effect, ‘Achmedinejad? Mousavi? Who cares? Either one will be hostile.’ I’ve already posted and blogged extensively about the insensitivity of that comment. There is no defense for that lack of compassion and inability to stand up for democracy. It is an insult and abomination for an American president to dismiss the Iranian people in their fight for democracy.

    Finally the outrage from the images of brutality on the part of the Iranian theocracy compelled the president to change course and say something sympathetic about the revolutionaries in Iran. But Obama’s less than forceful remarks, though a welcome change in words, left so much to be desired as far as impact, passion and identification with the people that  his statement only shined a light on his stubborness to switch course on his Iranian policy and his petulance that he was even forced to do so.

      Face it Mr. president Obama, the Islamic Republic is probably over, the Islamic revolution is dying and following blindly the dictates of religious clerics just because they said Allah said so is not going to play anymore in the home of radical Islam. That is a change that could have dramatic effect in the region. Maybe an embrace of humanity and a refusal to be pushed around and subjugated by religion can finally bring the Middle East out of the Middle Ages.

    But do not expect our president to even slightly nudge things in that direction. Now the popular argument is that Obama doesn’t want America to seem like it’s yet again meddling in the affairs of a soverign Arab/Muslim nation. That if he did so it would only allow the Mullah’s to demonize us and change the issue and that when the dust settled poor, little innocent Iran would have another grievance to hold over America’s head.

    Well, that would be ok if it were relevant. The Mullah’s haven’t stopped the hate/blame America rhetoric for one second. The Friday prayer servicve led by Supreme Guide Khamenei was nothing more than an anti-American rally. And the most incendiary thing Obama said was about Mousavi! So who was Obama so scared of offending.

   Obama’s supporters spew that lame excuse at every turn. It’s illegitimate in the face of Khamenei’s continued  blame/hate America rhetoric and also because the critics have done nothing more than ask the president to show solidarity to the revolutionaries. That’s all any pro-American, pro-democracy type is asking of the leader of the free world.

    Others like to criticize Obama’s naivette, that he didn’t see this coming. Or his inexperience in world affairs leading to a lack of intuition in dealing with these types of crisis’. Some point out a calculation and intellect in analyzing the situation before acting rashly. The excuses are endless. But many, even his staunchest critics miss the point.

   Obama wants Iran to be a power in the region. He wants to use their threats of hegmony and destruction to his advantage. He believes a nuclear Iran would be a good thing. You know why? Because Obama could use all those things to squeeze more concessions out of Israel. Obama is clearly not a friend of Israel. He does not sympathize with them in even the slightest. If Iran is saber-rattling. if they have nukes and threaten to use them then it will be much easier to get the Israeli’s to stop the settlements, give up the “occupied” land and undoubtedly as much land as can be wrung out of them to have the Israeli’s retreat even further to the coastline. A nuclear Iran, an unfriendly Iran, an unreasonable Iran can be used to cripple Israel in the region. Obama can try to negotiate Iran into “backing” down as long as Israel concedes further to their Arab/Muslim nieghbors. Everybody knows the Muslim extremist can never be held to any agreements. History has proven that they break them as soon as they make them.

    But what will Obama care. He’ll be hailed as a hero for bringing “peace” (Temporary as it may be) but he’ll have achieved his larger goals which is to weaken Israel and give more power to the Arab/Muslim world. Everybody thinks he’s on the level and become perplexed when he makes these seemingly stupid statements or takes these same seemingly stupid positions. But they do not understand that Obama is on point in doing the bidding of the progressive power brokers who run him.

    These progressives have no real compassion. All their policies are drapped in rhetoric about being for the greater good of mankind. They like to wag a finger of moral superiority at everybody and try to make them feel guilty for every thought and action, past and present. They like to make everybody feel responsible for shouldering the blame of every past transgression whether they participated in them or not and most times those being saddled with the baggage of guilt weren’t even born and never even benifited. It also doesn’t matter how venial the suppossed sin. Those identified as belonging to the group of evil does are suppossed to be like Marlon Brando in ‘Apocalypse Now’, screaming “Oh the Horror” over the very being of their exsistence. We are all to look to the Obama types so they can scold us into right thought, words action, employment and whatever other moral dictate they can impose.

    But these Obama progressive types always expose themselves. When the Iranian people needed compassion and support, first the “one” ,who suppossedly is driven only by a higher degree of morality, one us mere humans could never come close to emulating, was silent then insulting and finally only forced to give the coldest of remarks. The petulance Obama exuded at that press conference spoke volumes over how upset he was over the events in Iran.

    The progressive crowd has no real use for people except to use them as “lab rats” in examination of whether their acedemic theories work. They do not care how many lives or generations they ruin. It’s all for the greater good of discovering what does in fact work. And if some human lives get trampled along the way that’s ok by them because it’s all for the betterment of their causes which they feel are the only “right” causes. The people that suffer should do so happily because they were in the “service” of the progressive who felt he was improving the lot of mankind.

   The progressives are so arrogant. They sit in their ivy-towers theorizing the writing position papers that are then implemented by their willing political foot-soldiers then promoted by their lap dogs in the media. It doesn’t matter how many times Marxism has failed and how many lives it has ruined. They just re-package it under a new name and believe it will work because “they” are the ones trying it and “they” know how to do it.

    Where was our progressive president when the Iranians needed him? Where was he when the poor girl, Neda needed him to call out her name? These people are a nuisance to our president because they’re getting in the way of his larger goals. How’s he suppossed to “chop” the American way down to size when Iranians are dying for the freedoms we are all so lucky to be born with and take for granted from our very first breath. The Iranian uprising does not fit into Obama’s America is evil, Islam is love narrative.

     I do not call for the president to attack Iran or send in troops. But why can’t he stand for the freedom-fighting Iranian people AND mean it?!!

      The most important question in Tuesday’s press conference came from Chuck Todd. Beyond the question which was very relevant, the fact that it came from Todd is very telling. Todd works for NBC. Obviously he gets his be an Obama “rump-swab” marching orders everyday. But on Tuesday, Todd decided to show his journalistic integrity. He asked Obama if he was going to outline the , “consequnces” for Iran. Of course Obama ducked and dodged and did his usual double talk. But Todd persisted and, as whenever anybody does persist in getting an answer to a tough question, Obama’s punkishness shines through. In the end Obama didn’t really answer.

    But it is a legitimate question. What consequences must the Iranian regime face from the international community for this abomination. And just for the record, getting dis-invited to the 4th of July parties doesn’t rate. The consequences must be tougher. And they can’t be these faux-sanctions that get waived so GE and every other corporation can rake in billions. There has to be REAL INTERNATIONAL consequences for the actions of the Iranian theocracy.

     Say once the dust settles, and Obama can wipe his brow because the Iranian Republic still stands, what happens next. Does Obama lend credibility to the regime by meeting at the negotiating table, bowing to the Supreme Guide and shaking the blood soaked hand of Achmedinejad? Is that how it all ends?


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