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sicilian1: Iran and Obama’s Reaction.

     “The difference between Achmadinejad and Mousavi in terms of their actual policies may not be as great as has been advertised……Either way we are going to be dealing with an Iranian regime that has historically been hostile to the United States.” Said president Obama to CNBC this past Tuesday.

     This may in fact be true. Mousavi was after all a loyalist of Ayatollah Khomenei, the leader of the 1979 Iranian revolution, and involved in that regime. It is also true that even if Mousavi “won” the sham election he would still have to take his marching orders from “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

      But if Obama isn’t going to say anything positive on behalf of the protesters then he should NOT say anything at all. Sometimes the things our president says just boggles my mind. Does that statement show his ignorance? Arrogance? True feelings? Lack of ability to truly grasp the situation? Inexperience?Lack of interest?

    Taken on it’s face the statement is highly insulting. Even if true, many Iranian citizens who are protesting and revolting and facing beatings and in some cases dying in expression of what they consider to be an outrage being perpetrated upon them by their corrupt mullah’s do NOT hold the same opinion of our dear president Obama.

     What started out as a vote counting protest has metastisized in the matter of a few days into a revolt against the theocratic Iranian regime. The mullah’s have about as much respect for the intelligence of their people as does president Obama. They go through a “dog-and-pony” show of picking candidates, having them campaign and then holding an election. But the mullah’s are so bored with this exercise that they can’t even carry this big “show” to completion. No more than three hours after millions of votes are cast the mullah’s announce the winner as Achmedinejad, there little “house candidate. The arrogance and indignance of these mullah’s is what in fact ignited the initial protests. If they would have just played it straight by pretending for a reasonable time to count the votes then maybe the Iranian people would have bought their scam of a democratic election.

     So to quell the protests the mullah’s even more quickly announce that a recount is completed and that Achmedinejad remained the winner. It is at that point where the protests became an outright revolt of the theocratic “Supreme Leader.” Islam has always thrived on keeping it’s adhearants ignorant. The Muslims are just suppossed to blindly follow every word out of the “Supreme Leader’s” mouth just as they are suppossed to do the same with every word Mohammed said. I know all you apologists out there are going to scream, ‘what about the Pope.’ Please this is 2009, the Pope don’t got it like that anymore. That worked back in the medieval times but now people are educated and think for themselves. And that’s the mullah’s problem in Iran. They have an educated population that is NO longer going to deny themselves the freedoms due them as human beings.

     But you have Obama dismissing the protesters with his “wave of the hand” quote from above. How arrogant can this man be? While his quote may in fact be factually true, the Iranian people do NOT think so. They are willing to take to the streets to make the change. Yet Obama shows the same disregard for the Iranian people as the mullah’s. I thought Obama cared so much about humanity. I thought common human compassion shaped every decision. He has draped his nomination for any Supreme Court Justice as needing to possess the attribute of interpretting the Constitution with compassion for the people affected by the decisions of the court. But he could care the least for the people of Iran.

     Obama is like all those in the privledged, progressive, elitist crowd who only fiegn compassion in order to frame all their social engineering as some kind of act of altruism. They really have no true compassion. To them people are just a means to and end to shape the world as they deem fit. That quote proves who Obama reaaly is. The People of Iran are fighting for the right for their votes to count, their voices to be heard and their will as citizens of their country to be done. It doesn’t matter how more or less hostile Achmedinejad or Mousavi is to the United States. What matters is that the Iranians do NOT want who the mullah’s have forced upon them as their president. The right to be respected as a citizentry, the right to define who represents them in government is what this is about. Can NOT our great president with his fine intellect understand that?

     Obama does NOT have to go to war with Iran. He does NOT have to denigrate the mullah’s. He only has to give the Iranian people a voice in support of their fight. Or at least say nothing. NOT throw them under the bus the way he has. He might as well tell them to give up because it doesn’t matter what they want because the United States isn’t going to view any Iranian president as anything but hostile. He might as well have said, “Achmedinejad? Mousavi? What’s the difference? So you Iranians should just stop wasting your time and take whatever the mullah’s are going to shove down your throat.”

     Does Obnama NOT see the opportunity at hand? If the Iranian people are successful in their revolt this could change the world like nothing in our times. (For the better I might add). Is he aware of the shift in mentality? The Iranians are now revolting against theocracy NOT a bad vote count. Iran the home and financier of much of radical Islam throughout the world, a regime of thugs who terrorize their people and incessantly saber-rattle on the world stage to intimidate and earn concessions is ERUPTING from within. Just because the Iranians have been brainwashed and intimidated into believing that the “Supreme Leader” is the voice of Allah does NOT mean they are going to buy that lie anymore and especially NOT when they are being denied the basic  and free rights of human’s throughout the world and when they are being undermined as a nation in the eyes of the world.

    If the Iranians are successful in toppling this theocracy and this false “Supreme Leader” then radical Islam may suffer a fatal blow. If the Iranians can show the world that Muslims will NO longer stand for oppression nor the fanatical leadership of mullah’s/imam’s/”Supreme Leaders” and the like then the face of the Muslim/Middle Eastern world may change forever and finally take a step towards respect and legitimacy and hopefully embrace modernity. No matter how long a religion seeks to oppress it’s followers, eventually the people will follow their natural desire to express the freedom endowed to them by their creator. People want to be able to make their own honest decisions. People are INHERRENTLY good and want good things for themselves and their fellow men and that is why evil can NEVER win in the end.

     The native religion of Iran/Persia is Zoroastrianism which did in fact influence Judaism when they came in contact with one another under Persian rule. Zoroaster (The founder) taught that there was an epic struggle between the forces of good and the forces of evil but that in the end good would win becasuse the creator God Ahura Mazda had the perfect balance of wisdom, knowledge and perception to tip the fight in his favor. The Iranians would do good to take the lesson from their native faith, Zoroastianism, because if they stay strong and fight the fight to the end their desire for what is good for them will be rewarded and the evil theocracy of the mullah’s will be defeated.

     But don’t count on the support of the leader of the free world. Beyond his obvious sympathies for anything Islam and anything in Islam that supports his HATE America beliefs, Obama is a Chicago/Acorn thug. Is it any surprise he would identify with the vote-rigging and election corruption of the Achmedinejad crowd by nature anyways?

    Those words that Obama throws around like, “debate”, “dialouge”, “engagement” are nauseating. That stuff works in the dorm rooms of the Ivy-league universities where theories always work just like they’re drawn up on paper. In the REAL world people need REAL things that work for them. If Obama doesn’t want to rock-the-boat for hope of “negotiating” with Achmedinejad and the mullah’s running him, then what better opportunity to use as leverage against these thugs to set some conditions? Oh ya, I forgot, Obama doesn’t want conditions on any country we negotiate with. He wants to come hat-in-hand apologizing ad-nauseum for America’s long list of Obama assigned transgressions. After Obama bow’s and fawn’s, especially to any Muslim leader, then he will start asking how much they want him to give up to them.

    It’s pretty pathetic when the world has to look to French president Sarkozy as the voice of the West when speaking out against the Iranian abomination.

    If Obam’s not going to support the Iranian revolt then he should say nothing. If he feels the need to speak it should be the original tempered remarks. But do NOT throw the Iranians under the bus by dismissing their revolt with a wave of his arrogant, elitist hand.


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