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sicilian1: Hey “Whitey”!! No Kidding, Halle Berry’s Beautiful.

    I hate racsism of all types whether it’s neo-nazi, KKK, whie supremiscist or black power hate “whitey” types, anti-Semites, Muslim fanatics, Christian Bible thumpers, etc., etc., etc. But the group for which I have ABSOLUTELY no use  is the “white-guilt” crowd. Their disengenuiness is beyond nauseating.

    You know the type, they sit there patting themselves on the back while they tell all their other uppity friends how beautiful they think Halle Berry is or what a great actor “that” Denzel Washington is. They think just by making those obvious statements that it absolves them of all there instinctual racsist feelings. It’s as if they searching for “Brownie points” on the way to Heavan. As if when they die and get to Heavan to meet their maker and He goes down the litany of their racial and xenophobic transgressions, they’ll just say, “well I tought Halle Berry was beautiful and that Denzel Washington was a great actor” and that will make everything ok.

    They think when they make those two statements that everyone in their crowd believes they’re really not a racsist. Then all the other “lily” white uppities nod in agreement and everybody feels so “good” about themselves that they can skip their dose of Prozac for the day. Just saying it then agreeing with it is only a self-congratulatory gesture so they can point to a moral superiority.

   Ya right, see if their son came home with the actual Halle Berry and see how hard they’d be trying to convince all their friends that she was an Italian. See if there daughter came home with the real Denzel Washington and see how fast they’d straight out slit their wrists.

     These people make me sick. They’re ussually privledged white people who have gone to exclusive schools and lived in gated communities. They’ve lived that stereotypical “corny” white exsistence. They wouldn’t “know what time it was” if you told them. They’re the type that gasp when they hear “curses”, cross the street to avoid blacks and lock their car doors in bad nieghborhoods. They’re the type who jump at the sound “boo”, stifle their kids so much that they turn them into drug addicts, can’t get through life without an assortment of psych-tropic drugs and are ussually allergic to dogs. Y’know the type that won’t go swimming untill their food fully digests, think a good time is hitting the karaoke bar and wouldn’t use a public restroom if you paid them.

     The only black person they know is the “guy” at work who’s SOOOO funny. They could really care the least about black people. You couldn’t bribe them with anything to invite that black guy at work to a social function. These types want to avoid any and all interaction with blacks except to talk about how sorry they feel for black people and cry the woe-be-me song about how ashamed they are for all they’ve been given.

     They ussually impart these feelings in their liberal minded daughters who think they themselves are getting “brownie points” to Heavan by volunteering their time to some inner city cause. Oh, how good it makes these white-girls feel when they go back to college and tell all their sorority sisters how enriching it was to help out in the “ghetto”. But let one of these black guys respond to the over friendliness of the white girl and she’ll cry “rape” in a heart beat. Or the other one is the “liberal” white girl who catches a little “jungle-fever” while volunteering in the “ghetto” over the summer and her freinds or family find out about the “liason”, oh man, you bet your life that white girl’s crying “rape”

     The “white-guilt” crowd wants nothing to do with black people on a personal level. NOTHING, they can’t fool me. They only want to get on their soap-box and pontificate about how guilty they feel for their “whiteness”, how their “whiteness” will always be a cross of shame, how at every turn they want to admit the unfairness of their “white” privledge. They want to make everyone believe that this is an injustice they will spend their life in sevice of correcting. They think best way to assuage that guilt is to apologize ad-nauseum. If only they accept responsibility for the sins of their “whiteness” and all the evil “whiteness” in general has done to the “People of Color” then the world will be a better place.

      In reality these “white-guilters” have nothing more than a guilty conscience because they know in their heart-of-hearts that no matter how beautiful Halle Berry is or what a great actor Denzel Washington is, they would NEVER is a zillion years want that blackness “polutting” their “lily” white family tree. They think by accepting guilt and outwardly assigning guilt to everyone else absolves them of how they really feel.

     These “white-guilters” are the biggest hypocrites in the world and the next time their patronizing you real black people by acknowledging the sins of the white man then adding their little comments about Halle Berry’s beauty and Denzel Washington’s acting ability, stop these hypocrites in there tracks by asking them if they want those two black people to marry their kids. See how they stutter on that question.


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