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sicilian1: The situation in Iran

    The unrest in Iran has put the Obama White House in a very interesting position. There has been wailing from the “Right” for Obama to come out and denounce what’s going on in Iran. But the statements from the White House have been tempered at best.

     Some would expect me to jump on that critical “band-wagon” and slam Obama for not coming out strongly in the defense of democracy in Iran. But I understand the situation Obama is in as the “Leader of the free world” and from a personal view.

    There is much anti-American sentiment in the Arab/Muslim world. Many people HATE America for real and imagined sins. We all know what they are and there’s no need to re-hash them. Achmedinejad is also very good at working his base and all the fanatics up into a fervent Hate-America frenzy. If Obama comes out and denounces Iran right now this could be all the fodder Achmedinejad needs to take everyones eye off the ball and turn this into a debate about America “meddling” in the affairs of other countries. Oh and wouldn’t all the Hate-America types here at home love to run with that “meddling” line.

   Obama also has to be careful about our troops who are fighting wars in Iraqu and Afgahnastan. If an increased wave of anti-American sentiment takes hold alot of US military loves could be lost as these terrorist organizations ratchet things up.

    Believe me, Achmedinejad will take anything he can manipulate out of the White House as an excuse to inflame his base. It will no longer be about the electoral misconduct but about America and Arab/Muslim soveriegnty.

    But don’t think I’m absolving Obama. Say what you want about the extemity of my distrust for our president, even his supporters will, though maybe begrudgingly, admit that in respects to foriegn policy Obama is the most ant-American president we have ever elected. Don’t think for a second I believe Obama’s not on the side of the Mullah’s. It is clear that Obama errs on the side of socialism or marxism or at least anything NOT fully democratic. Obama is a Muslim sympathizer. In regards to Arab/Muslim beefs, as false and distorted as they may be, Obama views everything through that Arab/Muslim prism of Western resentment. Obama is “down” with all their rhetoric. The West is wrong about everything they have ever done in the Arab?Muslim worls and to Obama, they are the victims. And Obama is by far NOT alone in this sentiment here in America. He is just the face of it at this time.

    If Obama could come out and endorse Achmedinejad and the Mullah’s he would. In his mind he would wrap whatever they’re doing into some kind of justification for past transgressions. Y’know, the usual “finger-wagging”. Because Obama is most at home when he’s pontificating and presenting his views in some kind of morally superior rhetoric.

    The problem with Obama’s natural inclination to side with everything Islam and outright sell-out America is that there are too many Americans out there who still believe in America. They’re stupid enough to still believe in “mom-and’apple pie” and that everything is “pure” and on the level and that any politician reall cares about them. Obama can’t just ‘cold-turkey” remove the guise of caring about the interests of America because if he does he REALLY loses all those gullibles. He would also lose many politicians in his own wing because they aren’t going to just stand there like morons while Obama makes his real intentions known and possibly kill their own political careers.

      So Obama has to keep his comments about the turmoil in Iran balanced and low key. He can not say what he really wants, which is sell-out language, and he can not say what most fervent patriots want and outright denounce the actions og Achmedinejad and the Mullah’s because if he does either he’s in deep trouble with some one. So he just keeps his mouth shut and plays it close to the vest.

   This all really works out good for those who are on the side of America and democracy. You see, Obama’s intentions to re-shape America need to be done with subtlety so nobody realizes what’s even going on. So all these speeches where he cuts America down to size have the effects of “brainwashing” by osmosis. So Obama criticizes Iran gently as he bides his time undercut America. In the meantime the unrest continues to ensue in Iran as those lovers of freedom fight to change things for the better. Sad as it may be lives are alwayslost in the fight for democracy as dictators do NOT give up power easily. But the people can only be kept ignorant for so long.

You see back during the Iranian revolution (1979) the a Mullah’s encouraged Iranians to have more babies in order to grow the population. Obviously their intentions were to have a bigger base in order to spread their form of radical Islam. Unfortunately for the Mullah’s what they created was a young, vibrant and educated class of people who are waking up to the reality of the oppression in Iran.

    Islam thrives on ignorance. Keeping the populus illiterate allows the Mullah’s to disseminate any lies or idea’s they want. They like having suicide-bombers who kill in the name of Allah who can’t even read a word out of the Koran. But by educating the ypung population instaed of having an educated class to do the bidding of the Mullah’s they instead created an educated class who is waking up.

      Any empowered people want democracy. And Iran IS the cradle of civilization. The Iranian people are some of the most ancient peoples. There Persian Empire which ruled the known world for a period back in ancient times is acknowledged as one of the greatest civilizations in all of humanity. Cyrus the Great is even reverred by the Jews for his genorosity and charity amongst other things.  These ancient peoples were NOT Arabs and did NOT practice Islam. In fact the ancient religion of the Iranians, Zoroastrianism, is arguably the most influential Western religion of all time. It is also one of the oldest religions in the world. The Iranians who migrated East are credited with laying the grounwork that eventually became the Hindu faith. These are a great, proud and influential people.

    It is a shame that such a great people allowed their great culture which gave so much to the world to be destroyed and perverted by the lie that is Islam. From a religion that was so humble, respectful and accepting to now where Iran is the home of radical Islam.

     Hopefully something great is once again happening in Iran to wipe out the hate and bring in a new age of peace.


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