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sicilian1: Netanyahu, Check.

       On Sunday Israeli Prime Minister Benjaimin Netanyahu said Israel would support an independent Palestinian state on the condition that, “we recieve guarantee for demilitarization and the security arrangements required by Israel, and if the Palestinians recognize Israel  as a nation of the Jewish people, we will be prepared for a true peace agreement and to reach a solution of a demilitarized Palestinian state alongside the Jewish state”.

    I completely support the “Red Herring” Netanyahu has thrown out there to the Palestinians and the world. The Israeli’s can now claim the higher ground and no longer have to worry about the moral “finger-wagging” by the messiah of all humanity, his royal majesty, Obama. The White House even praised the speech. Saying, The president welcomes the important step forward in Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech…..He believes this solution can and must, ensure both Israel’s security and the fulfillment of the Palestinians’ legitimate aspirations for a viable state.”

   We all know that Obama the Arab/Muslim sympathizer that he is  does not really support any kind of independence or peace for Israel. Obama is on the side of the Arab/Muslim fundamentalist/jihadist plain and simple. But what was he going to say? If he came out and criticized Netanyahu in any way he’d lose credibility on the world stage. Obama has to fight to supress his natural inclinations to openly campaign for all things Arab/ Muslim. Obama still needs to tred carefully over here. Yes, alot of people are brainwashed by his rhetoric but if he outright abandons all pretenses of decency and throws unabashed support to the Arab/ Muslim world he might lose all for which he’s worked. No, this will take a much more subtle approach to accomplish his intended gains of brainwashing the world into thinking the  Arab/Muslim world and Islam is all-benevolent.

   That is why Netanyahu taking the play away from Obama was so brilliant. This olive-branch that Israel extended was only for show. And I have no complaints with that. Netanyahu and all Israeli’s know full well that the Arab/Muslim world will NEVER accept an Israeli state. Palestinian negotiator, Saeb Erekat said as much himself when he said the proposal “closed the door” on talks.

    The goal of the Arab/Muslim world is to wipe Israel off the face of the earth as it has been since the establishment of an Israeli state.

    Can there be a two state solution? Theoreticall yes, and there should be. This is suppossed to be a modern world where we can all respect everyone and also the faith they worship.

    The problem lies with the Arab/Muslim world and there insistence on basing everything on past greivances. Past grievances are fine, though I believe as people we should try to work past them or bury them. But when all your past grievances are based on lies and fabrications it becomes impossible to work past anything and move forward. The problem lies in the Arab/Muslim world’s insistence on their exclusivity to the Land, Abraham and God.

    The entire Muslim identity is based on the belief that their’s is the one true faith and the Jews and Christians perverted and co-opted the faith for their own benefit. Present day Arab/Muslims buy that lie and are willing to die for that lie. The truth is that the Arab/Muslims have no native claim to the Land. DUH!! Arabs/Muslims are from Arabia not the area of the Promised Land. Abraham was from the Mesopotamian region, there is little evidence he ever made his way to Arabia. Ishmael was deposited with his mother Hagar just outside the Land of Canaan by Abraham. Abraham still had contact with Ishmael in his lifetime. It would be a stretch to think Ishmael ever made it down into Arabia. And Ishmael was NEVER a religious leader leading a people called Muslims. If Ishmael did practice a faith it was most likely that of his father Abraham. Did the descendants of Ishmael pass into Arabia? Probably. But not till decades or even centuries later.

    So the stubborn Arab/Muslim insistance that their’s is the true faith practiced since the beginning is a falsehood. The only way there will ever be peace is if the Arab/Muslims finally drop their unreasonable and ignorant insistence on the exclusivity of God. The Arab/Muslims need to educate themselves and stop allowing their leaders with their hidden adgenda’s brainwash them.

    If you just admit that your God is also the Abrahamic God but that you have some disagreements with Jews and Christians so you’re going to go off and consider yourselves a different branch of the same faith then there will be peace.

    Untill that happens I encourage Netanyahu to continue to throw red herrings at the world. It will buy Israel time untill a president more friendly to their cause in the White House.


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  1. What investment do you have in the Israeli cause?

    Comment by Sundjata | June 17, 2009 | Reply

  2. My investment in the Israeli cause is my belief that it is the most important issue for all mankind at this point in our history.

    The whole issue about the Land is that the Arab/Muslims are killing based on an historical distortion and outright lie.

    Look, if they want to kill in the name of God, fine. I do not agree with that but people have been killing in the name of God since the beginning of time.

    My problem is when they kill based upon a stubborn insistence on beliefs about God and their history as a people that are outright lies.

    I feel the need to comment on the historical facts of the matter because the Arab/Muslims have been so successful in disseminating their lies that those lies have become so ingrained in the minds of everyone that they’re taken at face value causing the argument to start from a point that has no true meaning.

    Comment by sicilian1 | June 17, 2009 | Reply

  3. “My problem is when they kill based upon a stubborn insistence on beliefs about God and their history as a people that are outright lies.”

    Arguably, all the Judeo religions are based upon falsities. None have been around long relative to say Egyptian monotheism, Hinduism, and Buddhism, and all religions have similar stories–ALL OF THEM.

    To blame the war on the Muslims seems a bit shortsighted. Both sides feel that they have legitimate claims to that land, and because both claims are nested within religious beliefs, who is to say which is more valid?

    No other nation on Earth since the creation of the nation-state has ever been created in the manner that Israel was. I’m sure that we can justify that religiously if we like, or we can see it as persecution of the inhabitants who were already there.

    Imagine that Sicily was once under the Romans, and because this is a historical truth, present-day Italians from all over are given a country in the middle of Sicily. How well would such an act play in the minds of the Sicilians, who, no doubt, are cousins to the Italians?

    Comment by Sundjata | June 17, 2009 | Reply

  4. The problem is that they have NO legitimate claim. My point from the beginning is that they base all their terrorist justifications upon exclusivity claims that are completely false.

    The problem IS with the Arab/Muslims. They can not be content to say ‘Look we’re all of the Abrahamic God, we all have some theological and doctrinal disagreements, fine. You do your thing and we’ll do ours.’

    That would be the reasonable thing to do. But the Arab/Muslim world is worked into a fervor by the fanatics and those who play it to their advantage.

    I mean, can’t you just let the Jews live on their little piece of coastline in peace. The thing is that the present modern Arab world with all it’s boundaries is ONLY a modern creation. It was carved up shortly after WWI after the Ottoman Empire fell to the allied powers. Justified? Who knows. But those “arab” lands under Ottoman rule lived in oppression. It’s NOT like the West meddled in Arab affairs. The West in fact rewarded the Arab world with new freedoms after they liberated them from Ottoman oppression. Just because the Turks were Muslims don’t think for a second they treated their Muslim brothers good. The Arab/Muslims chaffed under Ottoman rule for centuries. So don’t make the world out to be the bad guy. The Arab world sided with the West and revolted against the Ottoman Empire from within. They were justly rewarded with soveriegnty and subsidies as the West helped them create these new countries that we know of today in the Middle East.

    I will blame the war on the Arab/Muslim world because they refuse to be reasonable. It is the Jews who have always offered Land for peace with the one concession of acknowledgement of statehood. And the Arab/Muslims have refused every time.

    It is the Arab/Muslim fault when they insist there is even a such thing as a native/soveriegn/indigenous/Arab/Muslim people. That is one of the claims that this war is fought over. It is an outright LIE.

    As I’ve written before, the Land has been a Land of conquer since the beginning of time. The natives of the Land are the Canaanites who disappeared from history. The Jews took the Land when Joshua led the Jews over the Jordan after their 40 year sojurn in the desert. The Aras were safely nestled in Arabia practicing polytheism at the time.

    The Arabs themselves took the Land. in ’48 when Jordan and Egypt annexed the Land from Israel their was no Arab/Muslim/Palestinian cry for soveriegnty and none was offered. It was only with the creation of the PLO did this native Palestinian lie get created.

    So the Jews took the Land back in ’67. Now it’s there’s. It be nice if everyone could get along but since they won’t then lets accept that the Land is a land of conquer. The Jews have held it militarily since’48 and then again in ’67. It’s the Jews land untill the Arab/Muslims take it back.

    It is ridiculous for the Arab/Muslim?Palestinians to play the victim when there was never a peep when they were taking the Land from other peoples throughout time or when they were conspiring against the “alien” rulers (Even fellow Muslims like the Turks) to win the Land.

    The analogy to the Sicilians/Italians doesn’t compare. The Jews were given a home (On a postage-sized piece of Land at that) because of the centuries of persecution AND most specifically the Holocaust. How many times do the Jews have to be sent into diaspora before a civilized society finally steps in, shows some compassion and gives them some peace? That was what was attempted in ’48 with the creation of Israel.

    The Arabs/Muslim/Palestinians were themselves “given” 75% of the Land that housed Palestinians of both Jew and Muslim creed as an Arab ONLY LAnd. Do NOT try to argue that the Brits couldn’t “give” something that wasn’t theirs to “give”. The Land of Palestine had NEVER been soveriegnly governed since the destuction of the last Jewish Temple. The Land had always been ruled by “alien” possesser’s. When the Brits took possession of the Land from the Turks they did better to the Arab/Muslim world then their Turkish bretheren ever did. The Brits gave the Arabs all the Land and helped the establish Kingdoms (Syria, Iraqu, Jordan, etc.) that still stand today. The only thing they did is find a tiny little piece of land for the Jews in their original home that the Arabs unreasonably refuse to accept.

    Comment by sicilian1 | June 17, 2009 | Reply

    • “The problem is that they have NO legitimate claim. My point from the beginning is that they base all their terrorist justifications upon exclusivity claims that are completely false.”

      This statement suggests that you’re missing my point. You assume or believe that the Palestinians do not have a legitimate claim, but the same can be said about the Israelis. As you said in an earlier post, what good is it to be the bigger person, and you are asking the Palestinians to be the “bigger person” or to back down based upon YOUR assertion that they are illegitimately fighting. Again, where do you get your information? What do you read? How did you come to these conclusions?

      In just about every post, I ask you those questions, and you have yet to answer. If you tell me what you are reading, perhaps I can become acquainted with that information as well, which could lead to me being more understanding of your point. As it stands, however, you seem to be just talking.

      We can come to a better conclusion by sharing sources of information.

      Comment by Sundjata | June 18, 2009 | Reply

  5. I am getting my material from a lifetime of studying the available historical record.

    If you want to be a Palesinian/Arab/Muslim apologist that is fnie. But that still does NOT legitimize their claims.

    My point is and always has been that their is NO such thing as an indigenous/native/soveriegn Arab/Muslim/Palestinian people. That is the starting point of the argument from the Arab/Muslim world. That IS a LIE and a complete fabrication. An objective analysis of the historical record will allow you to come to NO other conclusion.

    I’m NOT trying to make anyone’s claim MORE legitimate than anyone else’s. BUT the whole claim the Arab/Muslims are basing their arrogance and stubborness on is what is the LIE.

    If the Arab/Muslim/Palestinian will accept the TRUTH that there is NO such thing and NEVER has been a such thing as an indigenous/native/soveriegn/Arab/Muslim/Palestinian then maybe there could be some legitimate dialouge BUT there will NEVER be as long as the Arab/Muslim world insists on that LIE being the starting point.


    Comment by sicilian1 | June 18, 2009 | Reply

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