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sicilian1: The fake Muslims

      Since the recent murder of the Army soldier at the recruiting center and the new statements from the accused as to his actions, I feel it is important for me give the world a little insight into these black-Americans who convert to Islam in prison.

      Serving almost 5 years in America’s federal prison system, known as the B.O.P., I had an up close view on how these black-Americans are targeted for convert by radical Muslims. Now I do not know how dedicated these Muslims truly were to their Islamic faith or whether they were truly just resentful towards America for all the real and imagined grievances and intent on promoting a jihad but what I do know is that most of the black-American converts had no true knowledge of Islam as a faith.

    The real Muslims no matter how misguided still have a connection to the Koran as they feel their jihad is a true holy war and they themselves soldiers to Allah’s cause. But most of the black-American prison converts whether they rolled with the real Muslims, 5%ers, Nation of Islam or any other Islamic off shoots are only in it as a hate whitey/America brotherhood. I know this sounds harsh but I’m just speaking the truth.

    Many of these blacks come into prison and they’re obviously and sometimes justly disenfranchised and bitter. They are quickly preyed upon by either the real Muslims or the already converted black-Americans. Federal prison in particular can be a very draining experience. The worst part is that because you are a federal inmate you’re probably living in a prison out of state and hundreds of miles from home. Visits become a rare occurence, 2 or 3 times a year if you’re very lucky. Human survival dictates you make friends with whom you feel comfortable and can count on. The black-American makes up a significant segment of the federal inmate population. Sympathetic hands are extended and quickly accepted most times before the less cagey inmate even knows how he is being co-opted.

     These vulnerable inmates are quickly brainwashed by the more experienced inmates. Beyond having a new “religious” convert, the experienced inmate is also trying to get the naive inmate on his side because you never know when you’ll need a subordinate to do your bidding. If you as the experienced inmate can drape in a sympathetic fashion that you’re trying to enrich the new inmate with something positive the conversion is a walk in the park.

     The Muslims in jail real or fake spew mostly hate whitey and hate the system (As in America) rhetoric. They pull converts into their camp by blaming their entire plight on the white-man and his system. All responsibilites for the inmates actions and decisions are blamed on the oppression of the white-man and America. The inmate has only been antagonized and forced into a criminal lifestyle because of the system the white-man has set up.

     Now some may agree with these accusations. I’m sure we could debate the societal, sociological and establishment factors that contribute to crime. I don’t really care about how much of a contributor are any of those or other factors. What is true is that those factors are exaggerated to inflame radicalism and hatred. The new convert blames his plight and the entire plight of his bretheren on “WHITE-AMERICA”. Once the brainwashing is complete the fringe hate speech only intensifies and is diseminated to others.

   I’ve seen young gullible black kids, scared to death upon first arrival in federal prison and in no time under the tuteledge of some hate-mongering Muslim convert this once meek youngster is wearing a kuffi, carrying around a prayer rug, dousing himself with religious oil and cutting the “chow” line to get his kosher meal while spewing as much hate-the-man rhetoric that’s been drilled into his head. If he had any bitterness and feelings of disenfranchisement coming in it has now multiplied 10-fold and as I’ve said the inmates entire criminal past is rationalized and excused away and all blame is laid at the feet of the “White-man’s America”.

    The real Muslims very quietly and secretly foster this attitude. The real Muslims mainly stay with themselves and ussually have a “senior” black-American convert who does all the recruiting and dissemination of hate rhetoric.

    These real Muslims could care the least about their black-American Muslim bretheren. All the real Muslims consider the converts to be is pawns for them to use to get out the hate ideology and to have future hate-America converts who once released can lay the groundwork for converts in the community and loyal soldiers to carry out their orders. These real Muslims have no respect for black-Americans,  don’t think for a second they identify with them because they’re not white too. Oh sure, they make these blacks think that they’re with them but it’s only a front to win converts.

    News flash, black-America, real Muslims are just as rascist as your common neo-nazi or KKK member. Behind the black man’s back they liberally drop the N-word. The black man has this idea that anyone not white is down with them, well, I’m sorry but other races are racsist too. The forgien born hispanic’s drop that N-word pretty freely too. And here’s another shocker, native Africans don’t identify with black-Americans. The hate whitey/America rhetoric is foisted upon the black-American only so the Muslims have radicalized American citizens who can make moves for them. 

      As I said in the beginning these real Muslims still have some connection with whatever is in the Koran. I have no idea what they really know or believe about the Koran but what I do know is that they’re disseminating hate speech from the Koran. I feel the Koran is just a mish-mash of contradictions so verses can be cherry-picked and manipulated by the dishonest to promote their particular agenda. My point is that the real Muslims have an Islamic and Arab foundation as a starting point. But the black-American converts are only vested in the hate whitey/America foundation.

     I’ve heard black-American Islamic converts spewing rhetoric where they claim that Allah is a different God than the Jewish, YHW or the Christian, Jehovah. Some actually believe that they’re 3 distinctly different Gods. They have absolutely no knowledge that all 3 are the same God of Abraham. If you told them that or that Chritianity, Judaism and Islam were known as Abrahamic faith they’d look at you as if you were speaking a foriegn language then go into a vicious anti-Semetic, anti-Christian rant where they accuse Jesus Christ of being the “white-man’s God”.

      The exclusively black fringe Muslim sects (5%ers/Nation of Islam) are even more ridiculous. The real Muslims are involved in a constant distortion where they claim a connection to Abraham. As much as a fantasy that is, at least the Muslims are working from the angle of trying to write their way into history. These fringe indigenous black-American sects are right up their with “Stars Wars” or “Star Trek” or any fairy tale you can think of. It’s all just completely made up where these jailhouse philosophers try to weave a narrative that the black man is the chosen man and the white man is the devil.

     There are some real Muslims who aren’t looking for trouble and they do find some way for the Koran to work in a positive way. But these black-American prison converts have no clue. They wouldn’t know how to get a message of peace from even a moderate Muslim they’ve been so brainwashed with hate whitey rhetoric. I would confidently bet that 99% of them have never even read from the Koran. Everything is just a regergitation of hate speeches they’ve listened to. By far the favorite Muslim convert line is; I’m Muslim, I don’t eat no pork. That’s about the extent of their knowledge besides all the hate whitey/America rhetoric.

    If you want to claim you’re a peace-loving Muslim and you’re going to manipulate the Koran to paint the message as one of peace then I’ll cut you some slack and give you the benefit of the doubt. But if you’re gonna turn what’s suppossed to be a faith into an excuse to hate America and blame  the white-man for every problem and evil in the world and you couldn’t quote one line from your Koran when you pretend to be a devout Muslim then you’re a joke and a sucker for letting yourself be used as a flunky by the real Muslim jihadists who would cut your fake Muslim ass loose in a minute.

     But this is what really happens in federal prison. Gullible converts are made. They’re like pavlovian dogs spreading a message of hate into the community. In prison Islam is considered this anti-everything American thing. It really has nothing to do with religion, it’s just an act of rebellion to the black-American inmate. Intrinsically they feel they’re getting back at a system that has imprisoned them. Brothers-in-arms are found amongst fellow inmates who want to point blame somewhere for their incarceration. Joining this anti-authority brotherhood gives a new meaning to their life. They actually feel they now have a higher purpose to live for.

      For many just being part of that brotherhood where they constantly spew their hateful rhetoric is enough but the more radicalized feel the need to act out their resentments on their percieved America enemy.

     They’re all a laughing stock even to their more reasonable black-American brothers who never buy into that hate speech. Those black-Americans scoff at the fake Muslims and many times continue to call them by their Christian name or street nick names refusing to indulge these jokers in calling them by their new Muslim name. It’s so ridiculous, the converts get some Muslim name but they still has their Christian given name stitched onto their uniforms.

   Now by no means are these joker converts the majority. The majority of the black-American inmates do NOT buy into that hate speech and blame “white-America” game. Most inmates are man enough to take responsibility for their situation. However there are enough of these brainwashed converts who are carrying the message back to their hood. I would say it’s a safe bet that these radicalized inmates eventually hitting the steet FAR out number the so-called military “right-wingers” that the DHS was so worried about. Believe me when I tell you that the prison converts are the real worry on the horizon. Their conversion is founded on a false and distorted view that is inflamed by hate.

This is how the Muslims are laying the groundwork to infiltrate America. In the Middle East there whole identity is wrapped in a religious jihad and they’ve been doing it for centuries. But this prison conversion infiltration has the potential to change the American culture. And there is no religious aspect to their conversion. It’s just some hate filled, blame filled ideology.

     If the progressives who rant that Guantanomo should be closed with the capured terrorist housed in American federal prisons want to create a bigger problem with hate filled, blame filled converts assimilating there message to the street then by all means continue with your cause. But I warn you, you progressive intelligencia you will not be spared by those converts who blame America and Whitey for everything.


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