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sicilian1: Judaism : An Assessment

    The life of King David is the greatest example to the Jewish people of total devotion to the Lord through glory and struggle and to the Lord’s fulfillment of His promises and commitment to His people through that total devotion and despite their transgressions.

   The covenant of God to His chosen people who came to be known as the Jews through Abraham was well established by the time of David. What makes David such a significant character in the sacred Jewish narrative is that God deepened His covenant by promising His chosen people not only great things through their commitment to Him and His to them but that a coming messiah would be a direct descendnt from the line of David to establish the Lord’s eternal kingdom to come.

    David was a modest shepard boy; the youngest of Jesse’s 7 other impressive sons when the prophet of the Lord, Samuel arrived in Bethlehem at God’s direction to annoint a son of Jesse as the future King of Israel. Samuel didn’t identify David as chosen untill God told him that David was a man after his own heart who would do His will. As the forgotten son of Jesse, surviving on his own tending his flock, David developed courage under fire that served him well as a warrior King of the future unified nation of Israel.

    The great act that made David beloved amongst the Jews was his slaying of the feared Philistinian giant Goliath. The young David rose from the freightened Jewish population to face this indomitable foe because he was so insulted by the defilments of his God coming from the giant’s mouth. Facing extreme odds but nevertheless determined to defend the honor of God, David put his complete trust in God liberating the Jews from this Philistinian threat.

    Eventually King Saul became jealous of David, forcing him to flee for his life. Though anointed, David lived as a fugitive for 15 years. Isolated, depressed and homeless, David, the composer of many psalms, some of the deepest, most inspired literature devoted to the Lord of all-time, developed a deeper inner trust, showing heartfelt patience that the Lord would deliver him to his anointing. In fact on two occassions David was presented with opportunities to kill Saul but he was humble enough to respect God’s King, instead waiting for God alone to fulfill His promise.

     As a newly crowned King, David was eager to glorify the Lord. Deciding to bring the Ark into Jerusalem, Israel’s new capital, David acted carelessly in his presentation causing an embarrassing accident and death. Instead of wallowing in anger or dejection, David reflecyed on his mistakes, corrected them and then glorified God the way He demanded.

    Awash in wealth, military success and prosperity David committed the sin of adultery and a Machiavellian murder plot to cover up his sin bringing about the darkest times of his life. When rebuked by the prophet Nathan for his sin David solemnly and sincerely repented, never rebelling against the Lord for his punishment. Even when his beloved son Absalom organized a coup against him David displayed his intense integrity for his love of God by refusing to abuse the Lord’s power through the Ark to get him out of a situation of his own causing; fighting but submitting his future to the will of God.

     David never once blamed God for his many trials and tribulations which in fact insilled in him a grace and skill to be the great leader God intended him to be. Through glory and pain David’s spiritual foundation remained grounded. As a human, David was not immune to temptation but his faith and patience in; love and worship of; and penance and sincerity to God persevered. David possessed a pure humility in his service to God who recognized the deep love and commitment in ultimate fulfillment of His covenant and through David God promised eternal life in His eternal kingdom to come. For the Jewish people, David is the greatest representation of God’s covenant to His people through the Jews commitment to God.


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