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sicilian1: In Defense of Israel!!

   Lets have some REAL talk about the ancient land of Palestine!!!!!!!

  To understand what’s really going on to arrive at an intelligent decision about who’s beefs are real one has to study the history of the issue. The problem is that too much misinformation is out there. The Muslims have taken the lead from their prophet and created a complete fallacy in regards to the “Palestinian”people. The Muslims have been so successful in legitimizing the myth , just as they have been with their religion, that the uninformed populus just takes the  Palestinian “grievances” at face value. Forget about Anti-semitism!!!! The anti-semites are gonna spread their lies anyways. It’s the myth of the native Palestinian Arab/Muslims that’s the REAL problem.

  This myth has been so diseminated into the cultures of the world by the progressive, HATE America/Israel, everything about Islam is “pure” and “good” and must be heard crowd that people, even contemporary born Palestinian Arab/Muslims, actually think they are a native people with a legitimate claim to the land.

   Well kiddies, I’m here to educate you on how they don’t!!!!!!!

   This will NOT be a theological opinion. It will ONLY be an historical presentation and logical analysis.

   That being said, I do in a way violate that statement in order to give a reference point on what the Jews claim is their right to the Land. After giving that perspective their will be NO further defense to the Land in the name of God on behalf of the Jews.

   According to the Hebrew Bible, Abraham was commanded by God to leave his place of residence in Ur of the Chaldeans and go to the Land of Canaan to build a nation.


     No where in the Hebrew Bible does it definitively say that Ur of the Chaldeans was the place of Abraham’s birth. But what the historical evidence is certain of is that Abraham was born somewhere in the Mesapotamian regoin. There is even faint evidence that Abraham may have migrated westward from a slightly more eastern location. And what the historical evidence makes ABSOLUTELY clear is that there is ABSOLUTELY NO way Abraham migrated ALL the way up from Arabia. That would have been highly unlikely trek during that period in history.

   Back to the Biblical account; God made a covenant with Abraham to build His nation through Abraham and his descendants with the Promised Land of Canaan being part of that covenant. God promised to always be loyal and to protect Abraham and his descendants and for them to spread the message of God to the world. God’s end of the covenant was to stand for eternity because once God makes a promise he NEVER brakes it. Man may fail but God NEVER fails.

   Right or wrong, agree or disagree, that is the Jewish claim to the Promised Land.

   Well, according to the Bible Abraham sired Isaac who sired Jacob who became Israel. Jacob had 12 sons (The 12 tribes of Israel). One of those sons (Joseph) was sold by his brothers into slavery in Egypt. Joseph eventually rose to become a xonfidant of the Pharoah. Meanwhile there was a famine in Canaan causing Jacob’s family and people to migrate to Egypt. There they were reunited with Joseph and accepted into Egyptian culture. The Israelites became a prescence in Egypt. Over time they grew in such numbers that the Pharoah enslaved all the Israelites for fear their numbers would enable them to overthrow him.

   It is at this point that Moses frees the Israelites, leads them on a 40 year journey through the wilderness where eventually under the leadership of Joshua the Israelites invade the Land of Canaan and take back the Promised Land. Moses himself dies on the other side of the Jordan River forbidden by God from entering the Promised Land for disobiedience exhibited during the 40 year trek through the wilderness.

   Did it all happen as it was written in the Hebrew Bible? Who knows! What is a fact was that there was a migration into the Land during that time. Did the Israelites slaughter the Canaanites? Probably. But what is true is that the Canaanite culture disappeared from history thousands of years ago, it’s inhabitants killed off or otherwise assimilated into other cultures,( most likely the Israelite culture) adpopting the ways and customs of those conquering cultures. This was some 1,700 some odd years before Mohammed even claimed to have his first “hallucinations” about being visited by the angel Gabriel!!! And some 1,800 some odd years before the Arabs began their assaults through the Middle East!!!!

   So if anybody has an indigenous claim to this ancient Land it is the Canaanites. But regretably, because they have been lost to history, it would be impossible to repopulate the land with Canaanites.

   Do NOT believe the PLO’s absurd claim that they are the indigenous Canaanites. That would be impossible as clearly demonstrated!!! Arabs are indigenously from Arabia (Arabs? DUH!! See the root word?) NOT from Canaan. If anyone has indigenous Canaanite blood flowing through their viens today you would probably have to say they are Jews being that it was Jews who conquered the ancient land the Canaanites where inhabiting then ruled that land through a succession of Judges and Kings for hundreds of years.

   The Israelites conquered the land of Canaan in the 12th and 13th centuries B.C.E. First the Judges ruled then at the behest of the Israelites themselves God gave them a King. Saul was Israel’s first King. God, dissatisfied with Saul’s rule ordered the prophet Samuel to annoint a young shepard boy named David as Israel’s future King being that God identified David as a “Man after my own heart”. The great King David unified the nation of Istael and made Jerusalem it’s Holy site. After David, his son with Bathsheba, Solomon took over the nation and built the first Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. However, Solomon fell into decadence and the nation splintered into the northern and southern kingdoms. After a succession of unworthy rulers who failed to bring favor upon the Israelites, in 586 B.C.E. the Babylonians ran through and siezed the Land and in the process kicked the Jews out of the Promised Land.

   This is where the famous pslam where the Jews lament their dispersion from the Promised Land on the other side of the Jordan River comes from.


   Just prior to the Babylonian dispersion, the Assyrians had sacked the northern Jewish kingdom with that kingdom’s tribes being conquered, dispersed or otherwise assimilated into the Assyrian culture. This is the fate of the famous 10 lost tribes of Israel. After the Assyrian conquest only the tribes of the southern kingdom remained to include David’s tribe, the tribe of Judah, hence the current name of Jews.

   Nevertheless the Jews from the southern kingdom where banished from the Land after the Babylonian conquest in 586 B.C.E. Shortly thereafter Cyrus the Great, ruler of the Persian Empire took the region from the Babylonians. Cyrus brought with him the Zoaorastrian religion, the ancient native religion of Persia. YA, THAT’S RIGHT, ZOAORASTRIANISM IS THE ORIGINAL RELIGION OF PERSIA NOT, I REPEAT NOT Islam!!!!!!!!


   I find it confusing that Iranians, who are descended from the ancient Persian peoples and do NOT consider themselves Arabians in the slightest (Persians are Persians and Arabs are Arabs and don’t confuse the two or risk insulting a Persian) have let Islam perpetrate a fraud on their culture. The Iranians hold pride in their history as Persians one would think Iranians would seek to embrace the indigenous religion which is Zoaorastrianism. Persians (Iranians) became Muslims through conquer NOT convert. The ancient Persians were very proud of their faith and practiced it freely. In fact it was such a humble, respectful and at the time popular faith that it did in fact inflence Judaism significantly.

   I issue a challenge to Iranians to investigate their Persian past and renew their Zoaorastrian heritage. Discover the truth about yourselves. Stop letting Islam revise your history. You were once a proud and independent culture and people who has allowed themselves to be poisoned by the eternal lie that is Islam. Let it STOP!!! You know I’m right!!!!

   Now back to our history presentation:

   Under Cyrus the Great the Jews were allowed back into the Promised Land and allowed to reconstuct their Temple. Cyrus gave the Jews religious liberty and as mentioned, his Zoaorastrian faith greatly and permanently influenced the Jewish narrative.

   After the Persians, the Greeks under Alexander the Great took over the Near East. The Greeks briught with them their Hellenic culture. So influential and enriching was the Greek culture that most of the ancient Biblical manuscpipts are written in Greek.

   The Romans conquered the Greeks in 395 B.C.E. The Jews were a very unruly bunch to their Roman conquerers. There were many little uprisings. One in particular, the Maccabean rebellion, allowed the Jews to recapture their Holy Land for a short time, though they were still under Roman rule.

   In 70 A.D. fed up with their “Jewish problem” the Romans sacked Jerusalem, destroyed the Temple for the final time and sent the Jews into permanent dispersion.

   I bet you’re all wondering; Where are the Palestinian peoples.

   Well to throw salt in the wounds of the Jews, to grind the knife a little deeper, the Romans renamed the Promised Land Palestine. The name was a nod to the ancient enemies of the Jews, the Philistines (Remember Goliath???). Do NOT even dare try to equate contemporary Palestinians with the ancient Philistines!!!! It is a historical fact that the Philistinians were known as “Peoples from the sea”. They were thought to have been an ancient peoples who migrated east from possibly the ancient region of Greece. The Philistines are also an ancient people now extinct. And what is ABSOLUTE is that there is NO Arab connection to the ancient Philistines just as there is NO Arab connection to the ancient Canaanites.

   So after the Romans sacked Jerusalem, destroyed their Temple and kicked the Jews out of the Promised Land then renamed the territory Palestine, ANYBODY living in that territory became a Palestinian!!! You could be a Palestinian Jew or a Palestinian Christian and once Islam was founded come 500 odd years after the naming of the Land of Palestine by the Romans, you could be a Palestinian Arab/Muslim.

   A Palestinian was just a teritorial designation. It meant the same as being a Californian or a New Yorker. You could live in the territory no matter your faith or ethnicity as long as you abided by the dictates of whoever possessed the land.

   That IS all being a Palestinian meant. It was a piece of land possessed by alien empires. There was NOTHING indigenous or native about being a Palestinian!!! The Arabs can NOT even claim first rights to the land since Palestine is NOT part of Arabia and Islam did NOT even exist when Palestine was named!!! DUH!!!!

   The land passed on to the Byzantines after the fall of the Roman Emoire.

   The Arabs made their prescence in Palestine in the mid-600’s A.D. This is when the newly born Islam began running roughshod through the Middle East.

   Then the Crusades ensued and the land of Palestine changed hands from Christian to Muslim back and forth untill the Arabs were finally victorious. Eventually the Turks took the land from their Muslim bretheren and the Ottoman Empire riegned from about 1517 to just after WWI. The Ottoman Empire was the last of the Muslim Caliph’s.

   Well, the Ottoman Empire was on the losing end of WWI. They were kicked out of the Middle-East by the Brits who were now the possesseres of Palestine and ruled over the land through the Palestine mandate. The Brits were motivated by an energized Zionist movement to return the Jews to the Promised Land. The Balfour Declaration was the understanding to establish a home for the Jews in the Land of ancient Palestine. Then in1923 the Brits in a political payoff to the Hashemite tribe of Arabia for their support and cooperation in WWI divided Palestine into an Arab ONLY state and established the Hashem monarchy to rule over that state which became Trans-Jordan before becoming what is known as today as simply Jordan. With this newly created Arab ONLY state encompassing most of the Land, the remaining sliver of land was inhabited  by both Jews and Arab/Muslims.

    As I hope is abundantly clear, this Arab ONLY section which was the vast majority of the land that is named Jordan was once a part of ancient Palestine. That would therefore make it’s inhabitants Palestinians NOT Jordanians. As is true, Jordanians were a modern invention by the Brits who were struggling to make everyone who lived in the region have a “happy-place” to call home while at the same time trying to reward the Hahemite tribe of Arabia for their war time support.

   The Hashemite monarchy is the minority in Jordan and it is a fact that MOST Jordanians consider themselves Palestinians for obvious reasons because they were living in what was known as Palestine before the Brits renamed the land Jordan. Obviously the Arabs in Jordan have a cultural connection to the so-called Palestinian “refugees”. Why don’t they end the refugee problem and give them refuge in Jordan and allow the Jews some peace on their little piece of coastline? But that would be much too easy because the Jews would no longer be able to be painted as the creator’s of the “refugee” problem.

    Anyways, after the Brits created Trans-Jordan they still had the problem of what to do with the Jews and Arab/Muslims still living together in what little land was left of ancient Palestine. The international community struggled to settle the problem. Every solution was rejected by the Arab nations no matter how confined the territory for the Jews nor matter how many conscessions the Jews were willing to make.

    After WWII, the UN Partition Plan divided the remaining territory into a Jewish state and an Arab ONLY state (FACT: No such thing as an exclusive Arab/Palestinian people even existed at this point). Even the Brits who had governed and subsidized Jordan ever since they created it had enough of the headaches with the Arabs, gave Jordan it’s soveriegnity and the vacated the Middle East.

   Once the Israeli’s declared the independence of the newly created state of Israel in 1948, the Arab nations decided to attack Israel to eradicate it from the map. The Arab nations instructed those Arabs in the territories to vacate then once the Arabs successfully wiped out the Jews the Arabs could move back into the territory.

   The problem was that the Jews won the war and won big-time!!! The tiny, infant Israeli nation beat back the entire Middle Eastern Muslim world!! And that my friends is what created the so-called “refugee” problem. The “refugee’s” are a problem created Arab/Muslim arrogance, refusal to be reasonable and a lack of humanity. And it’s continued instigation and moral cries of outrage over the plight of Arab/Muslim/Palestinians are the sole responsibility of the Arab/Muslim world. Jordan could simply give the Arab/Muslim/”Palestionian” “refugee’s” refuge in their land, after all, Jordanians were once themselves the very same exact thing prior to the Brits creation of a specific Arab ONLY nation for them. DUH!!!

   Starting to see how this whole Palestinian beef is built on a fallacy like MOST things Muslim?!!!

   Jews andArabs had lived side-by-side through conquest and alien rule in Palestine for centuries since 70 A.D. There was never a distinct statehood by those living in the region. They had always excepted the rule of whoever possessed the territory. The Arab Palestinians NEVER made a peep about their soveriegnty or any native claims to the Land.They NEVER considered themselves indigenous to the Land. Like everything else Islam this is just more revisionist history to make Muslims look like the poor, innocent victims and excuse their terrorism.

   All these claims to indigeny and soveriegnty started with the creation of the PLO. So much disinformation has been portrayed as fact and truth that people ignorant of it all actually believe that their is such a thing as a soverign, native Palestinian/Arab/Muslim people. Just as Mohammed went back and revised history to his unknowledgable followers to lay claim to Abraham, the Muslims have done the same thing to create the fallacy that a seperate and distinct Arab/Muslim/Palestinian state has always existed. I hope you can figure out that it never has.

    So after the war in ’48, in ’67 after many warnings from tthe Israeli’s to the Arabs to back off, Israel attacked and the 6-day war ensued. The West Bank and Garza Strip which were annexed by Jordan and Egypt in’48 respectively were re-captured by the Jews, hence what today is known as the occupied territories.

   Peculiar thing though, Jordan and Egypt, two Arab/Muslim nations controlled the West Bank and Gaza from ’48-’67 and NEVER once was a peep heard from those Arab/Muslim Palestinian “refugee’s” living in those controlled territories about their independence. And NEVER once did those two Arab/Muslim nations (Jordan/Egypt) offer or propose to grant their Arab/Muslim/Palestinian “refugee” brothers their independence!!!! If they had done so that would have been the two-state solution everybody talks about today. But if the Muslims had done that they’d still have little “Jewish problem”. And that’s what this was about because Muslims won’t be happy untill there aren’t any Jews, that’s what they really want because the public record clearly shows the Jews have tried innumerable times to give up land for peace only to get rejected by the Muslims who adanmantly REFUSE to concede to acknowledge Israeli statehood.

   The anti-semites, self-loathing Jews, progressives, the HATE everything America/West crowd fan the flames of this Muslim fabrication. It’s just so sad we don’t have people out there in the world with a real desire to investigate history because an objective analysis done with a critical eye will lead one to the only logical conclusion: The cries of Arab /Muslim/Palestinian independence and statehood are not founded on anything historically tangible. It’s just more Jew-hatred and a desire to legitimize Islam and the re-written Muslim history which is nothing more than a distortion and the biggest lie ever perpetrated on the world.

   The only thing left to do is pray for our Jewish brothers. Pray that they stay strong and faithful in God. It is clear Obama has cut them loose and will not protect them. I hope they have the courage and wisdom to sustain themselves through these dark times.


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  1. “Once the Israeli’s declared the independence of the newly created state of Israel in 1948, the Arab nations decided to attack Israel to eradicate it from the map. The Arab nations instructed those Arabs in the territories to vacate then once the Arabs successfully wiped out the Jews the Arabs could move back into the territory.

    The problem was that the Jews won the war and won big-time!!! The tiny, infant Israeli nation beat back the entire Middle Eastern Muslim world!!”

    When did the event in this quote happen–1948? That was WWII, and there was no “Israel” before then. In fact, the creation of Israel was in part due to Europe’s guilt.

    I could’ve chosen any one of the assertions you make in this post, but I thought that this is one of the more egregious. Now, let me say that I have not vested interest in the Israeli/Palestinian war. There is blood on both sides, and because I make no bones about my centrism, I could care less about what is going on over there insofar as it does not have any effects in the lives of my people.

    That said, where are you getting your information? What are you reading to come to such conclusions? I’m interested here…

    Comment by Sundjata | June 13, 2009 | Reply

    • The war between the newly formed Israeli state and the Middle Eastern Arab world happened immediately after the Israeli’s were given a piece of the Land under the UN Partition Plan. The Israeli’s declared their independence in 1948 and then the Arabs attacked. The Israeli’s won big! That was the war the Israeli’s won, the one in 1948 between them and the Arabs. Obviously not WWII

      Please respond because it’s very important you get this chronology correct because what I wrote is an historical FACT!

      Comment by sicilian1 | June 13, 2009 | Reply

      • I see. Now, we are considering that Arab world does not and has not had support from the world’s superpowers right?

        To say that Israel won, ignores the HUGE support that nation has received since its inception.

        Both groups are semites by definition, and so I’m confused as to why people don’t call hate against Arabs anti-semitism. I wonder why there can be no agreement between these two peoples who are, in many regards, cousins. It is interesting to me that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam claim the same forefathers, read the same material, claim the same lands, and cannot, in the spirit of any of the gods they each worship, compromise for peace.

        I would love to read where the Bible or Koran or the Torah advocate this sort of human suffering and death. This is just one more reason why I don’t follow any of those religions.

        Comment by Sundjata | June 13, 2009

  2. P.S.,

    1948 was AFTER WWII. WWII ended in ’44-45.
    The Israli state along with an Arab state was created by the UN Partition Plan. The Arabs rejected this plan, attacked the Israeli’s, lost the war and that there created the so-called occupied territories.

    Comment by sicilian1 | June 13, 2009 | Reply

    • Hopefully you can explain this to me because SURELY don’t get it.

      WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE HATE JEWISH PEOPLE? Who are they that the world should hate them so much?

      Comment by Sundjata | June 13, 2009 | Reply

  3. I have no idea why people hate the Jews the way they do. All through history people have blamed the Jews for alot of problems. All the steroetypes, “money-hungry, shylocks, shify, sneaky, untrustworthy”. christians “hated” the Jews for killing Jesus and used that as an excuse for centuries.

    The Jews were easy scapegoats. Since the diasporsa they’ve been minorities everywhere they’ve been. Some have sold-out others trying to survive. It was always easy to paint them as the bad guy.

    I feel it goes back to the larger issue when it goes to predjudice. People act on ideas that’ve been drilled into them, they buy into stereotypes, they look to blame others for their pathetic exsistence and people love to create bad guys so they can feel like victims so they just keep perpetrating hatred.

    It’s all so ridiculous, that Middle Eastern problem will probably never get fixed because no one wants to give in. No one is completely innocent but I feel you can see that I do place a big blame on the Arab/Muslim fanaticism. Religious fanaticism is the worst type of fanaticism because the perpetrators feel they’re justified. But the Muslims have to stop trying to high-jack everything for themselves. If you have a faith, fine, in a modern world we can all live and let live. But if they’re going to work themself into a fervor because Abraham is really theirs and the Jews and Christians stole him from them and theirs is the true faith and they won’t accept anyone who won’t submit to that then there will never be peace.

    I know this is a little long winded but I can’t give you a legitimate reason why people hate Jews beyond unjustified hatred, predjudice and stereotypes.

    I’m gonna write a good post in a couple of days addressing a racial question that’s been gnawing at me for some time.

    Comment by sicilian1 | June 13, 2009 | Reply

    • I’ve got to really look into this because I truly don’t get it. Of all European ethnic groups the Jews are no more less moral than any other.

      I look forward to reading your next post on that racial question. Holla!

      Comment by Sundjata | June 13, 2009 | Reply

  4. i think you all are NUTS! i never read such a blasphemous, bigoted, racist blog/posts. i am glad i am not standing in front of scilian 1, is that a godfather name, anyway i would have trouble controling myself. and just for the record hate mongrol the whole world loves our president including me so go spread better yet peddle your hatred somewhere else where it is welcome; maybe israel.

    Comment by rosemary miranda | June 22, 2009 | Reply

  5. You better read the blogs/posts again. There is NO way I can be racsist when my kids are mixed. I’m the most NON-racsist person on the planet.

    I expose HYPOCRACY!!!!!!!

    Just for the record ONLY the secular progressives who are against everything America agree with anything you say.

    Go back to your “Kumbaya” hole and wake up to the real world.

    You better be able to control yourself when you’re standing in front of me because I can go.

    And I didn’t appreciate the Godfather reference you bigoted, predjudiced, racsist intolerant.

    You’re last comment proves the anti-semite you are.

    But you’re like all liberals. You’re too ignorant to argue intelligently so you resort to name calling.

    Comment by sicilian1 | June 22, 2009 | Reply

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