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sicilian1: Hinduism: An Assessment

    To achieve the deepest experience of Brahman-Atman one must realize the Hindu phrase Tat Twam Asi. Our endless desire to fulfill our souls with the empty “things” of the world can never be overcome untill we understand that “we are what we seek” (Tat Twam Asi).

    To Hindu’s, Brahman is ultimate reality while Atman is you. To realize that Brahman- Atman is one and the same, that the fusion between the two is the only reality that truly exists, that the fact that we exist is Brahman is only possible through the ability to process Tat Twam Asi into every pore of our being; to know it, feel it, understand it, live it without ever having to articulate it.

    The problem is that we live maya, stopping us from ever realizing Tat Twam Asi.We live ontologically apart from ourselves and reality by worshipping the “things” of the world and by letting the people and nonsense of the world determine our reality. To have a complete identity with Brahman-Atman we must experience moksha which is the final step to liberation and is not intellectually possible.Moksha is a progression through “stuff” untill you reach ananda, at which point you have achieved Brahma-Atman. Tat Twam Asi is all of this rolled together.

    In a “prior” life I lived the life of a rap video. I was that guy Jay-Z and Biggie rapped about. You could also say I was the stereotypical Italian. Money, cars, clothes and hoes was all I knew since I could remember. Any material possession, whim fulfulled, eye-candy galore, leisure-time and a stature and respect in the game; it was all mine. But not a bit of it stopped me from experiencing avidya. I had everything yet I could never put my finger on what was missing or why I was searching for that missing something. My egotistical pursuit of gratification and recognition was plunging me deeper into maya.What I didn’t understand in the midst of my maya was that there should never have been a need to seek to fill the void that is avidya because, that I exist means there is nothing outside my soul that can fill that void. Then I did five years in federal prison and I was humbled and de-humanized to my core being.

   Do I feel guilty for the life I lived? No way! Do I understand the moral depravity of that life? No doubt! Can I in the same breath justify that life? You bet! Does any of it matter at this point? Absolutely not! Why? Because all of it allowed me to experience moksha.

Hinduism tells us it is not important to be consistent but rather to be right at the moment. So whether I was good or bad, right or wrong is not important because my life’s progression allowed me to experience moksha or maybe the progression was moksha. Did the humbling of federal prison transform me? Who knows! I’ll never know and don’t really care to ever know because you can not think your way to moksha. Moksha is like standing at the top of the mountain without ever having to have climbed it. It’s living in reality and not dwelling or trying to re-live or re-create the past in any way. It’s shutting the chapter on your past and being content to live in the present moment.

    In the end the only thing that can liberate you from maya to allow you to experience moksha to ultimately achieve Brahman-Atman is Tat Twam Asi. There are no directions, map or step by step transformation, it isn’t even an epiphany. It’s a transcendent unity of mind, body and spirit allowing you to have a complete peace and clarity with the simplicity of just being. To experience this is the only way to be comfortable in your own skin and be the best you can be to everyone and everything without ever having to battle your conscience to do so.

    I’m not going to be so naive and say that my “prior” life was not moksha because it may very well have been. But I never was able to experience moksha at that time because I never realized Tat Twam Asi. The only way I was ever able to finally experience moksha and move on to a blissful being was by finally realizing Tat Twam Asi.

   Tat Twam Asi  is the ultimate liberation from the shackles that bind us to our illusions.


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