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sicilian1: Eminem, The Ultimate White Girl!

    We all know about the wanna-be down white girl. Now I have absolutely nothing against interracial pairings. I just feel they should be real and not the indulgement of “jungle fever” or an attempt to prove a point, ussually that the white person is down.

     Do you know how many white-boys are doing time because they listened to a little Tupac or Biggie, maybe a some Jay-Z or Nas or got caught up with the whole gangster rap thing. It’s ridiculous they think the rap music is actual reality. They buy into the whole gangster persona’s of these rap stars. I don’t know if they’re really that stupid or if these white-boys just wanna believe that it’s all true. These rap stars have a vested interest in really making their suburban white-boy audience really believe that the stuff they rap about is the life they have lived.

    But here’s the analogy: Do you think Robert DeNiro or Al Pacino or James Gandolfini really for one second think they’re the characters they play? Do you really think for one second any of those actors would invade the real gangster world to try and turn their screen roles into reality? These actors know that they’re  just actors and the know the roles they play are just roles they play.

     99% of these rap stars are suburban kids or if they are from the hood they’re just kids that can put what they’ve seen to verse. The kids from the hood know the rap stars are really soft, they love they music only for what it represents. The words speak to them, they identify with what is rapped.

    How for one second do those words speak to the little white punks from suburbia? But even the real gangsters from the hood promote the persona of these fake rap stars. And the reason is because the gangsters from the hood are hustling these little fake rap punks. They’re shaking them down for protection or the fake rap punks pays them to hang around to enhance their street cred. So when one of these fake rap punks from the hood gets paid, the hood gets paid because the fake rapper needs the real thugs to remain relevant in the game. So that’s the vested interest in promoting the fake rep and history of these fake thugs.

    And don’t think for a second the real thugs carry the fake thugs forever. Once the fake rap thug gets played out the real thugs move on to the next fake rap thug to prop up. That’s why these punk rappers all end up broke. A huge amount of their salary goes to maintaining a posse. They have to for their own protection.

   But the little bitch white-boys from suburbia buy it all hook line and sinker. They try to turn these rap lyrics into reality. Remember the rapper only wants the white-boy to believe it’s reality so they can sell records. So the whole industry constantly attempts to gas up the white-boy to keep the money rolling in.

   But trying to live the rap lyrics gets the white-boy in serious trouble. The hood knows what is and isn’t real therfore there’s no desire to live a fantasy. eventually the white-boy is selling drugs or he kills someone, the whole time thinking he’s a gangster. In the end the white-boy gets bitched. Either his rich family buys him out of trouble or if the can’t the white-boy pays the price with a bid . Then after it’s all said and done the white-boy goes back to being a white-boy.

    Then you got the little wanna-be down white girl. You’ve seen them, sometimes they got the waves in their hair or they press the front of their hair down real tight, trying to make everyone believe their hair is coarse. Y’know the type, if you close your eyes and listen to their voice you’d think you were listening to a stereotypical black girl. These white chicks always seem to think they’re better looking than the black girls just cause they’re white. They think the black guys actually think they’re hotter than the black girls and that it’s just not some kind of black power play.

    These white girls are so deluded, their entire identity depends upon being a down white girls, they think they’re too cool to ever even give the white-boy the time of day. They would never even dream of stooping so low. Going with black guys proves their coolness and downness. It means everything to them.

    It doesn’t matter what kind of fake thug the black guy is, how broke he always is, how much he mooches off them, how many of her ugly fat friends he bangs. The white girl will put the blinders on and lie to herself all for the price of being a down white girl.

    They don’t care how many black guys knock them up. The more black guy baby daddy drama they got, the more gangster cred they have and the better that makes them feel. They get played and suckered and passed from fake black thug to fake black thug. But you could never tell these down white girls otherwise because it’s all a badge of honor for them.

     Eminem is that WHITE-GIRL and that WHITE-BOY. He’s been able to live the lie his entire career bouyed by the record execs and a black Hip-Hop community who was having their palms greased to give this little Eminem bitch credibility. All the major players in the Hip-Hop community propped this little Eminem fag up because it was all good for the Hip-Hop communties bottom line.

    The powers that be sold this fraud hard to wanna-be down white-boy America. They even presented him as a renegade and rebel by insiting conventional white America against him. Antagonizing them to speak out against this so called outsider the better to get the money of the wanna be down white-boys who were all too enthused to go against the tide and go with this so-called rebel. The wanna-be down crowd was legitimized by this Eminem fag. They now had the ok to call themselves the N-word with impunity because one of their own was now one of them.

    The biggest joke was Eminem’s song “I am whatever they say I am” (sic). This little bitch actually says in the song, “radio won’t even play my jam”. Are you kidding me bitch?! You had the audacity to say that. And the white-boys bought it. What a complete lie that was. This little white bitch was the darling of MTV and every radio station. You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing or hearing this little Slim-Shady bitch.

    So he was always a fraud. He was always living a lie. Everybody propped the bitch up to make money off him. Well like the white girl who ends up back at mommy and daddy’s house, using her white parents to help her raise her black kids (You’ve seen these poor little black kids with their hair a complete mess because none of the white people raising them know how to take care of black people’s hair) and the white-boy who puts on his suit and tie and gets a job in the corporate world after he’s been nearly scared to death trying to turn a rap ryhme or video into real life, Eminem has to go back to his little white world to be the white boy he’s always been.

     I say that Eminem is the classic white girl because like the white girl this bitch’s entire identity revolved around him being down. You couldn’t give this little fag all the money in the world to even let a white boy hang out in his posse. There was no way this Eminem homo was gonna let another white boy invade his status as the downest of the down white boys. If a white boy ever made a little head way with Eminem’s crew I could just see how jealous this little bitch would get. He’d make a catty woman look manly.

     I saw this bitch on TV making fun of  white people in the same voice that black guys use when they poke fun at the corny white guys. I was just stunned. Many times I’ve heard black guys personally and on TV’s and movies put on that corny voice to make fun of white people. And here’s a white guy doing the same thing to make fun of white people. Are you kidding me?!!

    When did this bitch become down? Did he ever hang in the hood? Did he ever sell drugs in the hood? And I mean for real not just some white-boy fabrication where the white-boy deludes himself into thinking that he really needs to do those kinds of things or is trying to prove how down he is. I’m talking about doing those things because it’s neccessary for your hood survival.

    Oh ya bitch, when did you ever do a REAL bid? Not some punk ass 50 Cent drug program bid. I’m talking about going up-state or getting on the air-lift. When you done that bitch then maybe we’ll talk about giving you hood status you little fag.

    Imagine, what are you gonna do with yourself you little white-GIRL bitch? Just be like all the other played out white-girls who go back to being white-girls after they been run through by every black guy. HA,HA,HA,HA!!! You little fag.

   And to all you black Hip-Hoppers out there. I know you’re all about getting paid. I know it’s gonna be very tempting to sell out to the powers that be who are gonna turn to you to resurrect their little cash cow. I’m begging you, maintain your dignity. Be true to your creation, Hip-Hop. Don’t let this little fag, punk white-boy back into your game. Don’t give this punk bitch any credibility. You were part of  allowing this little fag to attain fame and fortune. Isn’t that good enough? The black man doesn’t have to and must not sell out to this wanna-be down faggity-ass bitch.

    Hey Em, you bitch, I bet Marky-Mark and none of his fun bunch ever sucked the ass of a little fag like Bruno. Sometimes life is so just.


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  1. Hmm…

    Firstly, let’s be clear that while we can all agree that it is not Black or Brown people who are buying rap albums and putting money in the pockets of the majority of the rap artists who do sell, we should be able to agree that these artists are not gearing their sounds or messages to White suburbia. To do that would be suicide. Not only would White kids not want to hear that, such play would get almost no spin in the average Black’s player. Eventually, that person would fall off UNLESS they were speaking about what they lived in an interesting and novel way–hard to do I’d think.

    Second, I think it’s far easier to argue that young Black and Brown kids BELIEVE the stories that rap artists deliver. Man do you have any idea what could happen to you for speaking ill of Tupac in LA? He admitted he never did any of the stuff he rapped about, but people still think living his lyrics would be a good thing, and even speaking against him can get you got by the lowliest brotha or sista.

    Thirdly, White people are FAR safer in Black neighborhoods than Blacks are. That’s just fact, not fiction.

    Next, I have a hard time seeing your point about Eminem. That man has never claimed to be a gangsta or anything that he is not: White trash drug addict from a trailer park with a jacked up childhood and ill lyrical skills. His albums are biographies, and he often raps about being beaten and the pain of being ostracized. I haven’t heard a song from him talking about being a thug. He has definitely rapped about being insane. Now, we can surely talk about PLENTY of Black rappers who are not what they claim to be!

    Hmm…Eminem has definitely gotten his airplay, but he has also suffered plenty of ridicule from all sorts of communities (Black, gay, feminist, etc.). I’m not sure that anyone has had a vested interest in finding a Great White Hope for hip hop.

    Lastly, PLEASE don’t equate what’s “real” or “down” with being in or from the hood. If that’s true, Ice Cube and all that he birthed is the least real of them all. This brotha wrote most of NWA’s lyrics, and much of this work was done while he was in Arizona in college. Real is what is real for you, and being down has nothing to do with selling drugs (I hope!). Your credibility rests on your ability to be who you are. Anyone from any hood in LA can tell you that every hood has its hustlas, gangstas, and good guys. These groups intermingle, and as long as no one is pretending to be something they are not, it’s all good. Plenty of thugs (true thugs) give respect and will even protect a brotha or sista from the hood who wants to go to college. We are not all crabs in a barrel.

    That said, I’m not saying Em is the greatest of all time. I’ll leave that debate for others, but I can’t deny that the man has made some classics that truly capture emotions and ideas in unique and unmatched ways. Have you listened to “Stan”?

    Selling out is intrinsic to the industry. Only independent artists have true artistic freedom. If you’re signed, you’re owned to some degree. That ownership is the industry’s ability to control what you say. Holla!

    Comment by Sundjata | June 13, 2009 | Reply

  2. You are right about your first point. My problem is that these little white suburban punks think they can put those words into action. And also the black kids in the ghetto think that is reality.

    The problem is when a real gangster no matter the race or ethnicity runs up against one of these fake punks no matter the race or ethnicity who think they can live a rap ryhme, they get eaten alive. The black man selling out to a fake bitch like Eminem only populates the rel world with more fake thugs.

    Only a white person with a true “hood pass” is safe in a real black nieghborhood. BELIEVE me. Some corny, don’t know what time it is white-boy is gonna get himself straight-up gamed.

    Being real and down doesn’t mean you have to be from the hood, agreed. However to be real and down and have true credibility, the artist MUST be able to speak to the hood and convey the experience of the hood.

    No matter how “glossy” or “packaged” the artist is, the lyrics must speak of the hood experience. That is the percise reason why artists are vulnerable to be hustled by the real thugs because a true hip-hop artist knows he needs the hood on his side and knows he must promote that idea to white suburbia. Most artists have the real thugs hustling them.

    Now as far as Eminem being a talented MC, that’s a personal preference. But when the black Hip-Hop community drapes their arms around this bitch who’s rapping about trailer park junk they’re creating a bigger problem by giving this bitch credibility. The white boys see all these black people catering to this white boy then think they can invade the real world because it’s the gangster rap that all these white boys are drawn to. By creating a fake wanna-be white hope white boys think they can take a piece of that.

    The way Eminem got bitched by Borat just proves what I always maintained about this bitch. No real gangster or “studio” gangster would’ve stood for that. And even more important the thought to do that would’ve never even entered the mind of that Borat dude. The fact that Eminem was bitched like that exposed him forever

    Comment by sicilian1 | June 13, 2009 | Reply

  3. I think without a doubt that Em gets more props than he probably should. And it is obvious that his sales are fueled by the fact that he attracts a lot of young whites all over the world.

    But…I have to admit the boys got skillz. His wordplay in my opinion right now is almost second to none. I think it’s unfortunate that a lot of the stuff he rhymes about is just ignorant. I was listening to his “3:00 in the mornin” with my 17 yr. old kid. The rhyme patterns were off the chain, but the subject was about killing his family and bodies all over the floor.

    A lot of brothers complain about his whiteness and his recognition (see benzino) but I say get creative and bring something real to the table. A lot of the stuff he says is stupid, but sometimes its hilarious. I think anyone will have to admit that “Stan” is a classic, personally I like “Toy Soldiers”.

    I think his initial success did go to his head and had acting like a little wanna be gangsta early on, but I
    think a lot of black rappers with soft suburban cathlic school backgrounds do the same (see Kanye West, Puffy, Cube,…need I go on).

    I think hood experience is relevant if you’re reppin’ the hood: movin’ birds, bangin’, pullin’ choppers, etc. Even then I think almost every artist exaggerates the depth of their gangsta. But that’s the music biz, I think rock guys do the same, I think country guys stretch the truth about their woman leaving with the dog and so on. The plain truth would be much less marketable.

    So is Em overrated.. probably so. Do I respect his gangsta..yeah right. Is he lyrically as strong as a Tupac or Chuck D.. no way. But is he puttin’ in work and coming up with rhymes and music that gets attention…I have to say..Yes he is.

    I’m not a fan, because I prefer good content over yak, but I respect his skill because he’s not just showing up and throwing out weak or repeated lines over tired beats.

    Comment by Brotha Real | June 14, 2009 | Reply

  4. I agree with alot of stuff. Ya, no doubt most artists exaggerate their gangster. But even if they do, can they still be like Martin Scorcese and convey that true gangster vibe. We know Scorcese ain’t a gangster but no one can tell a gangster story like him. I don’t know how real Jay-Z’s gangster is but he can put down what that life is about like no other.

    To me Hip-Hop has to be real. That’s how it orignated and that”s what it always must be for me. Hip-Hop still needs hood credibility for the artist to be viable. (Though that’s getting less and less true)

    I tried to listen to that 3 A.M. thing but it did nothing for me. When he started with that “kill his family” crap he lost me. Is that theme irrelevant? To some probably not. But is it relevant in the hood? No way. Save that “self-induced white-boy angst” for the grunge crowd or whatever they are now, that stuff plays with the ectasy dropping white-boy types.

    My point is that this Eminem bitch has no place in Hip-Hop. And when “they” force the industry to accept this bitch it just further turns Hip-Hop into a carricature.

    Comment by sicilian1 | June 14, 2009 | Reply

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