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sicilian1: Obama can’t be serious that we’ll buy this one!!!

   Thank God humanity has been endowed with this great man, Obama, who I’m not even ready to call a man because I suspect he may in fact be a diety. Oh, what would humanity do whithout the sage words of the annointed one to always set the record straight and cause all of us lesser beings to search our souls to come to accept the truths of the great issues of the day. Only the mind of this trancendent figure could come to the answers all us ignorants search for so blindly.

      Oh Messiah how we thank the for finally setting the world straight on the nuclear aspirations of the Iranians. Of course all along these “peace-loving” Muslims were only striving to enhance their ability to deliver nuclear energy to their society.

   Oh, forgive us oh great one for jumping to conclusions. Imagine all these years of diplomacy, coddling, summits, even threats, the difficult tasks of building international consensus’ to condemn the Iranians pursuit of nuclear weaponry, the signing of treaties, the international sanctions that deprived this “peaceful” nation of their basic neccessities, and any other number of evil devices we used to deny the Iranians their right to pursue nuclear energy to power their economy.

      Oh woe be us oh Messiah of Messiah’s, what must we do as pennance to correct our evil assumptions? Please show us mercy oh great one for holding too fast to our stereotypes of the Muslim terrorists. Our own ignorance caused us to assume that the Iranians could have anything but evil intentions for nuclear power. We were quick to accuse and point finger because we lack the wisdom of you oh great and annointed one. 

     How could we ever expect the Muslims would have anything but altruistic intentions for nuclear power? After all we have let the evil propaganda from the West cloud our thinking. Of course the Iranians only care for the enviroment! They are after all Muslims, which means they are inherrently endowed by the Creator with a moral virtue greater than all other cultures. Never mind the fact that they’re standing on top of some of the worlds largets oil reserves. Why would they want to simply drill through sand to capture that oil and power their society? To continue to do so would only cause continued destruction of the ozone layer and increase global warming and the like.

      Oh, if we could only be so morally upright as the Iranians. Oh, if only we had their virtue. Oh, if only we had their courage. The continued path of burning cheap oil as if the world had an infinite supply has to end. Those wise Iranians have realized this and it is they who have undertaken the difficult process of getting off oil.

     Never mind the words the maniacal words spewed by Achmedinejad. Oh, no can’t us narrow minded Westerners understand that one man does not a nation or culture make. Shame on us for buying into stereotypes or even believing the words out of a man’s mouth. Didn’t we all learn that lesson just recently when that “crazed gunman” killed that Army recriuter? Or when 19 Muslims commited suicide by flying planes into buildings killing thousands of Americans? Oh, those were just isolated incidents not indicative of an entire culture .

     So we must dismiss the ravings of an Achmedinejad and look at the Iranian nation as a hold and follow their truly virtuous example. The Iranians have a more vested interset in oil than even us. It is their greatest natural resource, the source of the majority of their wealth, it is what powers their society and guarantees their soveriegnty. But the Iranians are going to bite the bullet, swallow hard, leave that oil where it lies and continue to pursue a nuclear energy program to power their nation and do their part in saving the enviroment.

     And now that the great one has endorsed their pursuit and enlightened the rest of the world on what their intentions have always been, the Iranians I’m sure are going to go full force ahead. All criticisms will roll off their shoulders because the have the understand of the mighty one behind them.

    But if the Iranians have the moral OK from the Messiah to go forth in their pursuit of nuclear energy, it begs the question: Why can’t the United States do the same?

    The familiar liberal, progressive refrain has been that nuclear energy is unsafe, hazardous and dangerous. When anyone argues otherwise and starts to gain some intelligent ground, the critics just blurt out:

 “What? Do you want another 3-mile island”

  End of discussion! Knee-jerk wins!

   But I wonder if those using that line even know anything about it. Most using that as a criticism against nuclear energy weren’t even born or were much too young to have any relevant point of reference about what really happened. And if that is so most, UNLIKE myself never even bother to research the topic. I’m not going to give you a point by point because if you really care about being knowledgeable about it you can research youself. But it can be said there were no deaths or contaminations from that 3-mile island “spill”.

    3-mile island is a myth that gained popularity from a Hollywood movie of that name. But that’s all the knee-jerk, emotionally hallenged progressives nedd to perpetrate that myth that has survived to this day to give nuclear power plants a bad reputation. I could write a disertation on the safety of nuclear energy. The scientfic community has and continues to perfect the handling of nuclear energy and waste that the possibilty of contamination to humans and the enviroment is infintesimal. Don’t believe me? Look it up for yourself! I’m confident enough in the information out there to make my statements!

    Don’t give me Chernobyl either. AMERICAN ingenuity won’t allow that to happen and in fact has stopped it from ever happening. France has powered the majority of their economy with nuclear energy for years without incident. America is taking every page out of Frances socialist playbook, why not do the same with Nuclear energy?

   Don’t talk to me about the nuclear waste in the dumping sites in the mountains of Nevada. It’s proven to be safe and not even remotely hazardous to human health or the enviroment. Once again, don’t believe me, look it up.

    The progressives don’t want nuclear power because it’s too cost efficient. They won’t be able to tax the crap out of the population in the same way they will with all that other cost inefficient crap like wind-turbines/mills, corn, batteries and the like.

     But this still doesn’t answer my question about why it is morally OK for the Iranians to pursue nuclear energy but not for the United States? What makes the Iranian pursuit of nuclear energy some kind of virtue while the Wests are once again labeled “evil destroyers”?

    I am positive that Obama can manipulate some kind of rationalization that only his warped mind can. It’ll have something to do with the natural moral superiority of Islam as oppossed to the “evil”, “intolerance” of America because every thought in his diluded head is clouded by his chip-on-his-shoulder against this nation who he believes has done him wrong.

 I don’t doubt for a heart-beat that Obama can fabricate a justification for anything a Muskim nation does. I have never seen anything like this guy. He’s not even the slickster his critics give him credit for being. Now “Slick Willie” that was a s;ickster. Even if you didn’t like him you had to admire his ability to finagle out of a situation. “Slick Willie” was a master lier, he’d wrap every lie in some kind of semblance of the truth, change the topic or redefine the issue as well as any other number of tricks that all the truly great slicksters possess.

    Obama on the other hand talks out of both sides of his mouth, giving it away with one breath then taking it back with the very next, leaving critci and apologist alike with something to hang their hat on. Then when he’s criticized he just pulls out a contradiction from his own mouth to defend himself. His strategy is to confuse by saying anything then denying and having all kinds of self-spoken contractions to use in his own defense. I guess he learned that from reading the Koran and the prophet Mohammed.

    Obama’s tactics are actually insulting to the intelligence of any intelligent person that cares about what’s really going on. Anyone that educates themselves will quickly discover this charlatan’s game. Forget about dancing around issues, this faker just lies and lies and denies and denies. He’ll tell you you didn’t see what you just saw and didn’t hear what you just heard then change his story over and over and tell you your eyes and ears missed what you thought you saw and heard. He’ll keep on repeating the lie so many times that he convinces so many people to go along with what he’s saying that eventually even those refusing to go along either give in or just shut their mouths in frustration.

    The reason he gets away with this con-job is because he’s been able to build such a cult of personality. He speaks in the broad sweeping waves, trying to draw in as many people as possible then wrap all his rhetoric is this moral superiority. His sets the bar of virtue for all of us then calls us all to live up to it. He presents his principles as the only right ones and that anyone not ready to follow his “example” is of an insignificant status. He scolds, admonishes and hurls guilt upon everyone.

   So either way Obama WILL be able to justify Iran’s pursuit of nuclear “energy”

   Now as to that issue. Obama said in his speech:

               “No single nation should pick and choose which nations should hold nuclear weapons”

 So Iran has recieved the endorsement from the great one to “hold” nuclear weapons. See here we go again with his double talk. Earlier he had said that Iran would have to adhere to some non-proliferation treaty but could still pursue nuclear “energy” concerns. But then in Cairo he’s essentially saying it’s ok to “hold” nuclear weapons. So what is it, oh annionted one”? What do the Iranians have to adhere to and what can they pursue?  And since you HAVE condemned North Korea’s recent actions with nuclear bombs, it begs the question; Don’t they have the same right to “hold” nuclear weapons? Oh, ya I forgot, North Korea isn’t a Muslim nation so there pursuit of nuclear “whatever” MUST be for evil purposes. Only those “PEACE-LOVING”  Muslims engage is altruistic actions. It’s only Muslims who can be trusted to act in the best interests of mankind. Please forgive my insensitive western mind. You must remember, oh, great one, I am just a flawed westerner looking to you, oh majestic one for guidance.

    So there you have it, Obama has just inaugurated an Islamic arms race and as his method of operation he has draped it in moral superiority. He has wagged a subliminal finger at the country he leads, dare should America ever think it there place to choose which nations in the world can “hold” nuclear weapons, especially when the Iranians would never even think to use nuclear weaponry for evil.

    Never mind the fact that Obama campaigned for a nuclear free world. I guess that only applied to the West. But if I were an Isreali I’d be very worried. The great one’s Cairo speech was a clear and present signal that if it’s up to him, you’re on your own. He’s not gonna do absolutely anything to stop Iran’s hegmony in the region, infact, he’s gonna encourage it the best he can. And if Obama is successful on employing his usual methods, by the time he’s done, Iran will be this valiant saint, a just and righteous nation, innocent in everything thing, only percieving to the ignorant to be engaging in terrorism as they struggle against a history of imperialistic suppression from an anti-Arab world. Obama will have Iran looking like freedom fighters. And the Jews will be the devil! Oh how sad!


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