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 So now that the WHITE-BOY has been bitched like no body has ever been bitched the “powers-that-be” are closing ranks to protect their golden-boy by pretending that it was all staged. Ya, and we all believe Obama’s not really a muslim!

  Do you think for one single second that Eminem would ever agree to that? Here is a little punk who’s whole identity is based on being the ONLY true down WHITE-BOY who has ever lived. This bitch doesn’t bat an eyelash without taking into account how his cool factor will be percieved. This bitch doesn’t have a self-depricating cell in his body!! He wouldn’t allow for a milli-second for himself to be the but of a joke. NEVER!!

If God came down and offered Eminem all the money and personal fulfillment available to a human or poverty back his reputation as the downest WHITE-BOY who ever lived, there is absolutely no doubt that he would choose door number two without even the slightest hesitation.

    So it is clear that this was not a staged event. This little bitch is so conscious of never being exposed as the WHITE-BOY that he is so conscious of running away from his true WHITE-BOY identity that this fake-ass bitch would NEVER agree to it.

     All the entertainment power-brokers (Agents, industry big-wigs, executives, etc.,) got all nervous that their little punk-ass money train had finally been exposed for the fraud that he has always been that they forced this “staged” story to be diseminated. DO NOT let them perpetrate this lie on you!!! I KNOW this WHITE-BOY as self-conscious as he is about always being on “cool-mode” would NEVER go along with it. He had no reason to do it. He just dropped a new album. All his liitle WHITE-BOY worshippers were enthused about the return of their down hero. Why would “Mr. Cool” involve himself in some Borat nonsense were he’d come out looking like a fool? Doesn’t make any sense.

      Now as for this little WHITE-BOY bitch. The WHITE-BOY can NEVER live down what was done to him!!! He was bitched for all eternity. He was worse than punked, he was straight up bitched!!! Played out by a little fag like Borat. Isn’t life so beautiful sometimes? We all had to have this punk ass WHITE-BOY act like he was really being accepted by the HIP-HOP crowd when all that was happening was that the record execs picked this fag to be their vehicle into the suburban WHITE-BOY hood-rat audience. Whiye-boys no longer had to validate themselves, they no longer had to listen to Tupac and Biggie in the Q.T. They now had one of their own who was the ultimate HIP-HOPPER accepted by all in the HIP-HOP crowd. White-boys were estatic!!!! They could now be as YO’ED out as they wanted to be because they had one of their own running the game. All the black dudes in the industry were FORCED to bow down to this little BITCH-ASS WHITE-BOY.

     But now the BLACK MAN has finally been liberated from playing “Steppin Fetchet” to this little punk WHITE-BOY. I don’t know about you but I would get sick to my stomach watching these black guys play “Water-Carrier” to this little bitch WHITE-BOY! I could see how these black flunkies were biting their lips as they sold-out to this little bitch. Do you really think for one single solitary second that these black guys playing his minions believed that Eminem possessed any street cred at all? This bitch wasn’t street! He wasn’t a thug! He wasn’t a gangster! He wasn’t hood! He wasn’t gully! He was a straight-up WANNA-BE down WHITE-BOY begging to be accepted by the brothers.

      HIP-HOP is, has always been and will always be the black man’s original creation! HIP-HOP came from the struggle! It was they ability to see the rainbow in the ghetto! It was remaining optomistic through all the pain and madness! That the belief in a better day would sustain you through the rain!

    When the whole gangster style became the dominant angle to have any credibility a HIP-HOPPER had to understand the game! And even if an artist wasn’t a true gangster (And few were) they at least had to be able to represent the game by being able to convey the attitude. The only way a white-boy could be part of HIP-HOP was if he lived that game and that only became available to the white-boy at that specific moment in HIP-HOP. It wasn’t available before or after.

     But now since the hero of down WHITE-BOYS everywhere has been bitched like nobody ever, the lie is over! The black man doesn’t have to worry about this WHITE-BOY co-opting their creation. Why would they? Why would they give this bitch credibility? Why would the want to be seen with this little WHITE-BOY fag? What are they gonna get out of letting him glom some street-cred off of them?

Now is the time for the black man to bury this bitch forever! O.J. ‘s acquital will always be remembered as a watershed moment for equality for the black man. Obama’s election was looked at as the culmination of the struggle. But the day Eminem was bitched ranks right up there in watershed moments for the black man. The black man’s “uncle Tom” role to this little bitch is over.

     Do you think Jay-Z would’ve “staged” that prank with Borat? How about Snoop? Dr. DRE’? Tupac? Biggie? Go ahead, try to name one HIP-HOPPER who would’ve gone along with emasculating himself like that. And do you think that little fag Bruno would’ve had the guts to ever even attempt to perpetrate that prank on any of the above mentioned? Not a shot!

    And hopefully no more producers (Dre’) will be forced to give the bitch WHITE-BOY the phat beats that put him on. What does this bitch do that’s so special anyway? Nothing he says is even remotely deep! Nothing touches your soul in even the slightest! Nothing makes you think and ponder! All this bitch does is crack punch-lines! Big deal! Every black kid can crack “Mamma” jokes. But this little fag can do it so they FORCE Dre’ to lay some phat tracks and the next thing you know this little WHITE-BOY bitch is being touted as the greatest rapper alive.

     So now this little WHITE-BOY has to go back to being a WHITE-BOY and doing all the things WHITE-BOYS do. And now all the littlle suburban hood-rats who think because Eminem is down with the brothers that gives them the credibility to think they can live the HIP=HOP gangster lifestyle for real will have second thoughts.

     This little WHITE-BOY better get used to sucking ass like he did with Bruno because the only way this Eminem bitch gets to keep his HIP-HOP cred is if he sucks black man’s ass.

    It took about a decade run for this bitch WHITE-BOY to be exposed but, what comes around goes around. You can’t live the lie forever. God, Karma, the cosmos, whatever you want to call it is going to make sure you get you just deserts.

    Remember bitch you’re a WHITE-BOY! Your name is Marshall Mathers! You’re a straight-up WHITE-BOY!


June 4, 2009 - Posted by | blog, culture, entertainment, Life, music, news, people, personal, philosohy, Politics, random, thoughts


  1. Man all I can do with this post is to ask you who you listen to. Who do you consider to have deep lyrics? Who is dope to you? What constitutes a dope artist to you?

    Comment by Sundjata | June 13, 2009 | Reply

    • A dope artists is someone who can speak the truth and make you feel something that’s real inside of you.
      The rap game has been so polluted by fakers at this point. “Lil” Wayne is nothing but a punch line rapper. They gave him money when he was 11 yrs. old and pulled him out of the projects. He’s about as real as Eminem. All he’s rapping about is strip clubs and spending record company money.

      The realest artist is hands down, Jadakiss! No argument! It took him years of trying before he cracked through but anybody who knows, knows about him. I hear those words he says, I love it when he drops a line about the feds.

      The rappers that spoke to me were A-Z and Nas. A-Z’s doe-or-die is the most underrated rap album of all time. Nearly every single song hit me hard. I do love Jay-Z, to me he’s the Martin Scorcese of rap. Did Jay live the life? Who knows! Who cares! Because he can convey the life of that true gangster. His duo’s with Memphis Bleak (I’m coming up) are classic, there like movies playing out in your head, everyone in the ‘life’ who had a mentor then spread his own wings LIVED those 2 songs.. Ya, I know his American Gangster was a commercialized album. But the concept of a rise and fall of a gangster and the inner struggle through that living that life was real. “Dead Presidents” , ‘They hit you with the RICO, repossed your vehicle, everything was alright a week ago, ‘ (SIC). Believe me, I heard that at one point in my life!
      My point is that you have to have credibility as an artist because the hood is still what gives credibility and when a fraud is perperated on the public, it destroys something that is real to many.

      Comment by sicilian1 | June 13, 2009 | Reply

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