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        The Lord and Master of Humanity is about to once again grace us with his intellect and moral superiority. Oh, how fortunate us lesser forms of life are to have such a great man from which to gain knowledge. Like the little children of the great Messiah that we are we will all be glued to the television as the Mighty One scolds, reprimands, shames and educates us for our thoughts, lifestyles, actions and deeds that don’t quite meet the moral standard the ALL-KNOWING one has set for US, the humanoids of the planet.

     Will the great Obama tell us Americans how much we have to thank the Muslim world for? How we have to become more humble when dealing with our brothers from the middle east? How we can’t be so quick to listen to the knee-jerk reactionaries on the fringe and classify all Muslim’s as terrorist? Will he scold Americans for not accepting ALL things Muslim into our culture? How we have to be more of a Muslim nation than worry about pushing our western ways on the Muslims? Will he tell us how peaceful and loving most Muslims are? How the average Muslim just wants the same things as every average Americans? How we’re all people with the same goals, hopes and wanting goodness for all mankind? Will he tell America how we’ve antagonized the Muslim world and must accept our responsibility for creating the extremeist mindset of the radical Muslims?

      When did the Muslims become the victims? When did the Muslims become the lovers of peace and humanity? When did the Muslims become the great champions of human rightsd? When did the Muslims become accepting of all cultures and lifestyles? When did the Muslims want to reach out and open the dialouge with the West? When did the Muslims want to find common ground with the West?

     America is so “Evil” for “putting” it’s Western ways on Islam. The Muslim world would’ve been just fine without our money and influence that dragged them into modernity. They want us to leave them alone. The culture of the West has undermined and attempted to destroy their great Muslim culture. The Muslim extremist need to kill the West before everything that is so grand and just about their great culture is perverted by the West.

     The only thing the Muslims have ever had going for them is that they live on top of oil reserves! If anyone is honest they will have to admit that throughout history the Arabian nations have cloistered themselves from the rest of the world, content in their ignorance and unsophistication. Then oil became the most valuable natural resource to the world. The Muslims were now forced to deal with a modern world they were not ready nor inclined in the slightest to deal with. It could also be said that the world was FORCED to deal with a culture that had not kept pace with modernity.

    That is part of the problem. If you’re gonna be intellectually honest then you will admit that the Muslim world is a culture barely out of the medieval times. They still have resentments over the crusades and the British prescence after WWI .

      OK the Muslims HATE the West. They’ll never get over their resentments over the percieved meddling of the West. Our culture is too decedant for them to ever accept. OK, OK, I understand. We could bicker back and forth trying to rationalize what we’ve done. But I’m gonna concede that we’ve hurt the Muslims TOO deeply to ever make things right.

     So if the shieks, mullah’s and princes hate us so much then stop taking our oil money. If the Muslims hate our Western ways then stop using the oil money to enjoy all the greatness of modernity. The Muslims used the oil money of the West to yes, pay the Western engineers to build the infrastructure that brought their societies into the modern world. Now this may be news to the Muslim world but that’s not the fault of America. It’s the fault of those heroic leaders of those great Muslim nations who oppress the human rights of their populations. The larger population of all Muslim nations has a significant amount of illiterates. Now wonder they follow the lead of their fascist rulers and act on all the anti-American propaganda! They can’t read to think for themselves so the believe what they’re told. All this wealth from selling oil should allow these nations to accomplish great things but the populations live in darkness while the shieks,mullah’s and princes horde all the wealth for themselves and partake of all the western decedance that they hate the west for! They hate the western culture? Then stop drinking alchohol and fornicating with hookers! It’s a known fact that the Mullah’s buy hookers from the West to make members of their harems. How come that’s ok for them but the West is so evil for allowing women to freely express their sexuality?

     The rulers of these nations are hypocrites but hide the truth from their populations. In America these hypocrites like Obama just double-talk us to death, play semantic games, use every rhetorical trick ever invented to confuse the issues then wrap those issues in idea’s like sacrafice and the good-old “doing-it-for-the-children” that always seems to end all serious criticisms of corruption and hypocracy.

     What about all America has done to liberate Muslims, like Kosovo, Kuiwait, Iraqu. You think those Iraqui’s like that “new” thing called lifting weights? Or this “new” invention called health clubs? How about free-elections? Think they like that “new” innovation? Think women like the “new” freedoms they have, like being able to walk the street without a male escort, or without being wrapped in a burhkka (sic), or running for political office?

    And how about that thing the Muslims are most fond of: OIL!!!!!! Ya, that’s right, it’s the west who cultivated and drilled for the oil. It’s the West who became the Muslims best customer for oil! If it wasn’t for the existence of the West the Muslim world would still be sitting on that great natural resource and not know what to do with it. The Muslims still depend upon American, Indian and Chinese engineers to get that oil out of the ground. So I think it’s a safe bet to say they’d still be sitting on that oil never cognizant of what to do with it.

     The Muslims NEED our money so they can fund their terrorist activities and use their wealth to keep their population shackled in ignorance!!!! They don’t want their populations to understand all the freedoms democracy has to offer. They want them to continue to believe that democracy will only bring decedance to their culture. But the mullah’s, princes and shieks enthusiastically embrace the most debaucherous aspects of our free and open culture.

     Obama wants to run that same brainwash game a dumbed-down American population. To those he can’t brainwash then he’s gonna rack with guilt. Talk about how wrong and arrogant America has been throughout it’s history and sooner or later everyone is gonna believe it. Obama wants to SHAME Americans into being the appeaser and panderer that he inherently is!!!!

     If Obama can’t get Americans to naturally fall for his lies about America then he’s gonna try to revise history and turn America into this evil bully who has thrown their weight around the world intimidating and buying nations into towing the line. And because of the shameful evil past America must apologize ad-nauseum, repent and seek to award reparations.

       When are Americans gonna get tired of this “father-figure” act of Obama? Who made him the moral bearer of the universe? When did his moral compass trump that of every other human who has ever inhabited the earth? How did humanity ever get this far without the guidance of this great man? This SICKO actually believes that crap!!! He believes that his prescence is going to right this mis-guided world! SICK!!!

    Obama is going to sing that kumbaya song about finding “common-ground” and understanding the “legitimate grievances” of the Muslim world. Ya, I understand we have to pander to these Muslims and find ways to deal with their stubborn ignorance because they sit on top of the oil we need. But we pay them for it! Why do we now have to pander and actually give credibility to people who behead others in stadiums filled with frenzied crowds, stone adulterers to death, commit honor killings, oppress every basic human right of women, marry off child brides regularly, fly planes into buildings, strive for sh’ria law, foster illiteracy. What else? I could go on!!!

    Hold on to your seat because I have absolutely no faith that Obama isn’t going to do anything he didn’t do on his European apology tour. In fact, he might even up the level of pandering. But don’t let Obama’s rhetoric brainwash you. Educate yourself and embrace with pride your American culture.


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