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sicilian1:Obama, STOP the pandering! Be Real!

     So Obama had another grand moment on the international stage to pontificate and spew his rhetoric. We once again had to listen as this great man imposed his moral values on us, instructing us all on how we must behave and what he will do to ensure that the world is a better place.

    Oh how lucky we all are to live in the time of Obama. This Messiah is here to correct the errors of this world’s past to usher in a new age of peace, love and goodwill for all men.

     Well first off I thought Obama ran for the job of president of the United States but I guess in reality we got the king of the world. It seems that way with how concerned Obama is with how our enemies percieve us and how he must always rebuke our past.

     Lets get this straight Mr. President, it is NOT your job to fight against Muslim stereotypes! Unless of course you have this personal desire to make Islam relevant in the world. But why would you care about that? You’re a Christian right? It’s becoming a harder and harder sell for us all to believe that. What with the way you skip national prayer day, cover the cross at Georgetown before your speech and run around as the world’s #1 Islamic apologist.

     First let me make this quick address. Lets just talk real quick about what Islam is. Obama is an intellectual, right? He comes from an acedemic background, right? I’m sure he was exposed to all kinds of courses on logic and philosophy. Well’ what would be a real honest thing to do is to tahke a stand and force Muslims to answer some tough truths about their faith.

     Mohammed is the be all and end all of Islam. Everything is based on what he said. But the problem is that Mohammed was an illiterate who never wrote anything down. A problem ensued when Mohammed unexpectedly died and his contemoraries and intimates began dying soon after. A mad scramble by the followers to assemble Mohammed’s teachings ensued. That is how the Koran, Haddith’s and Sunnah’s were compiled. This happened about 150 years after Mohammed’s death. The stories were passed down by second and third hand sources at best. Memories were obviosly hazy and revised through hindsight paint a much more rosy picture. These stories are deviod of any chronolgy,  cohearance or direction. They;re just a mish-mash of contradictions without a clear message. The Koran, haddiths and sunnah’s are so disorganized that Muslims can sit and cherry-pick whatever they want to whatever message they need to convey. How could one ever think that their God would choose such a confused illiterate man as His final prophet to the world. Would God choose a man then let Him die without any contingency plans on how His message would be disseminated to mankind? Would God allow His word to be assembled in such a haphazard and sloppy way? How could God’s last prophet be so unclear about the message of God?

     I’m not gonna play a tit-for-tat game about religion in this opinion. I feel it’s safe to say that a forensic historical, acedemic, linguistic study of Christianity or Judaism will prove their evidence of validity to FAR outweigh the  Islam’s evidence of validity. My point is that even Muslim apologists open themselves up to all kinds of criticism when they start to try and legitimize Islam. Their is no way such  sloppy pieces of writings (Koran, haddith, sunnah) could be the inspired word of God. And when people try to force the legitimacy of Islam down the throats of intelligent people it is a grave insult.

   Like I said the purpose of this opinion is not to argue the validity of one faith as oppossed to the other. All I’m doing is taking the firm stance that Islam does NOT stand the test of an honest, objective, tempered critical examination. That is an indisputable fact. And when world leaders like the leader of the free world like our one and only Messiah Obama take the national stage and present Islam in an apologistic view they are doing a diservice to all of humanity.

    What Obama should do is challenge the Muslim world to stop living a lie. Come to terms with the grave inconsistencies of the message of their prophet, Mohammed. Stop living life with blinders on and insisting upon the message of this confused man is the only correct way to live. Admit finally the myth that is the prophet Mohammed because the goal perpetrating that myth on all of mankind is causing great destruction to the world we all live in. It is not the job of the intellectual to lower themselves to the ignorant, it should obviously and indisputably be the other way around. The great thinker that Obama is should be able to figure that out. Obama should be reaching out to HIS Muslim brothers and begin to lead them out of their darkness. Begin to break the chains that chain them to their ignorance. Lead YOUR Muslim brothers into the light Mr. President so they can be free to think. Because once you begin the process, oh annointed one, a domino effect will ensue causing enlightened Muslims to spread the message of free-thinking.

     What better example to the Muslim world than a Muslim himself (We all know it’s true Mr. Barrack Hussien Obama) who reformed himself from the ignorant teachings of Islam to rise above it all. You have to get the chip of your interacial bastard birth off your shoulder Mr. President. America didn’t do that to you, your parents did it to you. Despite being abandoned by your parents and being stuck behind the 8-ball from conception you were still able to achieve unimagined accomplishments. You did that BECAUSE AMERICA NOT inspite of it. America GAVE you the opportunity. Freedom, democracy and most of all OPPORTUNITY allowed you to reach those incredible hieghts. Do you think a bastard interacial child who was a member of a minority religion and abandoned to his grandparents would have come even within hailing distance of becoming the leader of any one of the world’s Muslim nations? RESOUNDINGLY NO!!!!

     If you were born in one of those militant, dictatorial, oppressive, intolerant (I could go on) nations you would’ve been an illiterate, lacking the opportunity to improve your life, brainwashed with all kinds of anti-American rhetoric, leading you to probablybeing a ripe recruit for Islamic extremist, to eventually become a suicide bomber.

    Do you think the poverty-stricken, disenfranchised, underclass, minorities, etc., have the same opportunities in the Muslim world as they do in America? I’m not so naive to believe America is perfect. Believe me I have my beefs. BUT I feel very fortunate that I am an American. Other peoples COME  to America. It’s their dream to COME here. If it’s so bad in America then why can’t America stop the flow of illegal immigration?

     Despite all it’s faults America is STILL the land of opportunity! You Mr. President are the greatest example of that. It’s time for you to embrace what America has allowed you to accomplish instead of trying to take America down a notch, giving your endless speeches about faults and abominations of America. I don’t care if you’re a Muslim! It is NOT your job to legitemize Islam! You could set the example by stopping the pandering to the shieks, mullah’s and princes.

 Business is Business, we’re gonna buy their oil but having to cater to their fairy-tale of a religion is not neccesary. If they want respect on the national stage then you Mr. Obama should force the Muslims to stop forcing the rest of the world to live in their ulterior universe. All intelligent people know it’s all a big fraud so stop humoring them.


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